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January 2017 Edition 1
Sheriff Judd
Poinciana Happenings
School News
Happy New Year!
he Association of Poinciana Villages
wishes the entire community a very
Happy New Year! We ended our 2016
event- filled year with our first-ever
WINTERFEST held on Dec 10th. What a
fantastic way to end the year! We were
honored to have Santa appear for the
second time, much to the delight of the
more than 1,000 families that attended
the event. Also, there to thrill the children
was the Polar Express Train and a 14-
foot toy soldier and Christmas elf. A
great time was had by all who attended!
The new Lifestyles team did a
tremendous job planning and executing
the community events this past year and
is planning many more for 2017. The
Association of Poinciana Villages will
be starting off the year with a gala on
January 28th. This event is being held to
honor the winners of the “House of the
Year” competition that has been running
for the past six months. On that evening,
a “House of the Year” award will be presented to a homeowner from each
Village in recognition of their contribution to keep Poinciana beautiful. We
have so many well-kept and beautifully landscaped homes in Poinciana that
APV decided it was time to show some appreciation for these properties. The
judges for this event will certainly have a hard time choosing just one winner
from each village as there were many wonderful entries!
2017 is going to prove to be a very exciting year in Poinciana. From the
January gala, board elections on February 14th and The Vance Harmon
Aquatic Center’s projected opening in the spring, to the beginning of
renovations to the Lake Marion Marina and all the special lifestyle events in
Here’s to the new year, may it be an exciting and productive one, full of great
accomplishments, growth and blessings.
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