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January 2017 Edition 2
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Sheriff Judd
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Welcome 2017
new year, and a bright future for your
community. Many exciting happenings for
January 27, 2017 The Association of Poinciana
is proud to announce the First Annual Poinciana
Beautiful Awards Ceremony. The Poinciana
Beautiful Project kicked off in February of last
year as a way to show appreciation to the
residents in Poinciana, who take pride in the
curbside appearance of their homes. Ivonne
Martinez, Supervisor of the Code Enforcement
Division at APV states “We wanted residents to
know that we see how beautiful they are keeping
their properties, and encourage others to do
the same.” Code Enforcement officers were
instructed to take notice of properties that had
that special something that set them apart from
others and to submit a picture for consideration.
From the 7 Villages participating in the event, 70
plus homes were then selected, as finalists. On
the 27th, a panel of judges will have the difficult
task of choosing one winner from each Village.
“The goal was to bring a positive impact to
the community and help homeowners increase
their property value,” said, Mark Maldonado,
General Manager of APV. “What we found is
that residents started seeing the improvements
their neighbors were making and, in the true
spirit of competition, wanted to make their own
home look equally as good.”
n February 14, 2017, APV will be holding elections for
open seats on the Village Boards. We strongly encourage all
individuals owning a home or property lot in Poinciana, to vote at this
election. Eligible voters must be deeded
owners of property in one of the 9
villages that make up Poinciana.
You are allowed one vote per
piece of property owned,
and are only allowed to vote
for a candidate running in
the village in which your
property is located. Please
see inside this edition for
further information. Feel free
to call the office if you have
questions about the elections.
2017 is going to be an
extraordinary year for Poinciana, become engaged, get involved,
become a part of the Community that we call home.
VOTING will be held on Tuesday February 14, 2017 starting at
7:00AM the polls will close at 7:00PM.
Where: 395 Marigold Ave Poinciana FL 34759.
Ballots will be counted directly following the closing of the polls in
open forum. All newly elected board members will be notified by
phone/email that evening.
Each village board will meet separately on February 15, 2017 at
8:AM, for the selection of officers.
Where: 445 Marigold Ave, Poinciana, FL 34759
The first 2017 Board of Directors meeting will be held on Wednesday
February 15th at 9:00AM.
At 445 Marigold Ave Poinciana FL 34759
At which time the 2017 Board of Directors will take their seats.
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