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As the first year as Director of Village 1 comes to
an end, I must say it has been a very interesting
one. I want to share my observations and our
accomplishments as the APV Board of Directors
and the new management, FirstService Residential,
coupled with the APV staff and the community.
We, the Board Members, patrolled the villages
for the purpose of evaluating the needs of the
residents of Poinciana on how we can implement
the full services of the HOA without raising the
monthly or annual assessment. Listed below are the
accomplishments of the APV management team and
the APV staff.
1. Open door policy to everyone (very important)
is in place.
2. Enhancement of new projects:
a. Rehabilitation of the soccer field in
Deerwood Park
b. Re-owning of the community parks
(Deerwood, Vance Harmon,
Charlie Wheeler Park).
c. Reclaiming the Recreation Center
d. New and larger Community Center (in
e. New exciting community pool (in progress)
f. Extension of the Recreation Center (in
g. New Kiddie Park in Bordeaux (Village 5)
h. Veteran’s Park (Village 3)
i. New recreation park next to the
administration building
3. Enhancement of services:
a. Maintaining the streets and entrances
of the common areas
b. Proper maintenance of all the parks and
recreation common areas
c. funding, organizing and initiating
community events, i.e. Family Fun &
Freedom Day, Veteran’s Day, Christmas
Parade, Halloween Party etc., to see
residents come together as a community.
d. Information resource to the community
(APVcommunity.com, Pioneer,
Poinciana App, e-mail blasts)
e. Village Board Meetings and other
information sources.
f. Enforcement of rules and regulations
of the HOA
g. Collection of assessments from all
The question that has been asked by some
homeowners is what is an “HOA”, and why do they
have to pay. I am trying to answer this question
to the best of my ability. An “HOA” stands for
homeowner association and it is a formal legal entity
created to maintain common areas. If you are in a
restrictive HOA, then there are “dos and don’ts” that
everyone is bound to follow.
You are required to pay a yearly assessment
established by the Board of Directors in order
to maintain the common areas and manage the
HOA. The Board of Directors is comprised of the
homeowners themselves. Anyone, once eligible can
be a director by the process of an election.
In short, an HOA is the governing body of a
development or complex and is registered with
the State. A city or county has no power over an
HOA only the State of the Federal Government can
override an HOA. Putting things in perspective,
the majority of the homeowners are very happy
and satisfied with the new direction that the board
and management team is handling the business of
the HOA. We have seen tremendous improvement
in the appearance of Poinciana and the additional
services that we have embraced, yet there were no
increases in your assessment for 2015.
Thanks to the management skills of FirstService
Residential and the knowledge, experience and
leadership of the Board of Directors for making
these vast improvements in the quality of life here in
I personally want to take this time out to thank
the entire APV/FirstService Residential staff for
doing a fantastic job and being part of the team in
making this happen. We have visions for further
improvements in 2015, so stay tune until the next
We, the Directors of this HOA, are here and ready
to serve the community of Poinciana, we combine
our efforts to improve the quality of life here in
Poinciana, to make it the place you can call home
with pride.
God bless you all and keep you Safe and Healthy
throughout the year.
Poinciana was planned as a Planned Unit
Development (PUD). Most of the PUD was developed
in 10 Villages, which form the Association of
Poinciana Villages (APV). Four of the villages are in
Osceola County and six are in Polk County. Located
on approximately 47,000 acres (190 km²), the
villages are a deed-restricted community, governed
by a homeowner association, the APV. Solivita
(Village 10), one of the Villages within Polk County,
is a 55+ community, and comprises two Community
Development Districts, Poinciana CDD and Poinciana
West CDD.
As of April 2012 the population of the 10 Villages
which make up the Association of Poinciana Villages
(APV), which covers a wider area than the CDP, was
reported as 69,857. According to the latest census
reports the adjoining tracts outside the CDP represent
an additional 29,914 persons. Depending on the
definition, the greater Poinciana Area represents a
population of between 53,193 and 83,107. This
puts Poinciana as one of the fastest growth areas for
Central Florida over the past decade.
There are 28 Board of Directors in APV to represent
the 9 villages and 9 Directors on the Master Board,
one from each Village. Poinciana is a deed
restricted community. The business of the AVP is
managed by FirstService Residential as directed
by the Master Board. The Office is located at 401
Walnut Street, Poinciana, FL 34759 website
February 2015 Edition 1
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