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February 2017 Edition 1
School News
Candidates for
2017 Village Seat
Sheriff Judd
Voting location
Anthony J DePalma Building
395 Marigold Ave
Poinciana Florida 34759
Tuesday February 14, 2017
Polls open at 7:00 AM
Polls Close at 7:00 PM
At 6:45 AM the APV Registrar will open, in clear view and on video,
each voting box to verify that it is empty. The boxes will then be
locked and voting will begin.
What to expect when you come to cast your vote
Each voter will need to show a government issued picture ID. Your
ID must represent the name that appears on the deed. ONLY owners
who have their name on the deed can vote. If you do not have
picture ID, you will not be able to vote. This rule is strictly enforced,
with no exceptions.
Pollsters will check IDs with our database and with County records to
verify ownership. Once you are veri ed as the deeded land owner,
you will be given a ballot for village that you are eligible to vote.
Each Deeded property is allowed 1 vote for each piece of property
owned. You can only vote in the village in which your property
(properties) are located. If you own numerous properties in numerous
villages you will be given a ballet for each village, for each property
Board Voting
February 14,
If you own 1 property in Village 5 you will be given 1 Ballot for
Village 5.
If you own 2 properties in Village 1, you will be given 2 ballots for
Village 1.
If you own 2 properties in Village 1 and 3 properties in Village 7 you
will be given 2 ballots for Village 1 and 3 ballots for Village 7.
Each village will have a separate ballot box.
At 7 PM the APV Registrar will of cially close the polls. Immediately
after the polls close, the votes will be counted. Voters are welcome
to come and quietly watch the counting of the votes but will not be
allowed to interrupt the proceedings.
Immediately following the count, the winners in each village are
then noti ed by phone or email, that they are expected to attend the
Village Board meeting, the next morning February 15, 2016 at 8:00
At these meetings the individual Villages meet to decide board
positions for their Village. The Positions are President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. The President of each village board will then
represent the village on the Master Board.
The rst Master Board meeting of 2017 will be held the same day;
February 15, 2017.
The meeting will be at the Community Building North Campus, 445
Marigold Ave, Poinciana FL 34759 at 9:00 AM.
This Master Board Meeting may be attended by Deeded property
owners only. IDs will be checked at the door, as with all Master Board
meetings. At this meeting the 2017 Master Board will be seated and
will elect a President Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
We urge all eligible voters to cast their votes, become involved in the
community in which we call home.
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