February 2018 Edition 1 - page 1

February 2018 Edition 1
Village Openings
Sheriff Judd
Pet Fest
Vote. Be Heard.
Become Involved
In Your Community!
• Please note: The
Association of Poinciana
Village does not endorse
any candidates.
Q. Are members of the Lower
Board or Master Board paid
for their service?
A. No-- these are strictly
voluntary positions.
Q. If I own 2 properties, each
in a different village, how do
I vote?
A. You will have a ballot for
each village.
Q. What if I own 2 or more properties in the same village?
A. You will be given one ballot for each property that you own.
i.e. 5 properties = 5 votes
Q. What should I know before coming to the polls?
A. You must be the person named on the deed. If there is more than one
owner, it is still only one vote per property, NOT per owner. You must have
a government issued ID. When you come to the polls, you will see a place
for each village that has open seats. Go to the one that is marked with your
village. Have your ID ready and the pollster will check the ID with the county
database. If you do not have a valid ID, you will not be able to vote. There
are no exceptions. Once the pollster has checked your ID, you will be given a
ballot for each property you own. You will mark your ballot and place it in the
locked polling box.
There are open seats in villages 2,3,7,8. Only property owners in these
villages will be voting in this election.
The voting will begin at 7:00 AM sharp. At 6:45AM the registrar will unlock
each box to verify that it is empty and then lock it once again. The voting
boxes will stay locked until the close of voting at 7:00 PM. At that time, the
boxes will be opened one by one and the votes will be counted.
Members of the Association of Poinciana Villages (homeowners) are able to
silently witness the counting of the votes. At no time during the counting of the
votes will the gallery be allowed to speak. This is strictly enforced. The entire
election process is videotaped for the Association’s official records.
We hope to have a great turnout for this year’s elections, and strongly
encourage members to participate.
On February 13, 2018
starting at 7:00AM, the
Poinciana Community
Center at 445 Marigold
Ave. will be the setting
for The Association
of Poinciana Villages
2018 village board
elections. The polls will
be open from 7AM to
7PM. There are open
seats in the following
2, 3, *5, 7, 8. For this election, you can only vote if
your property is within one of these five villages.
*Village #5 Candidate is running un-opposed there will be no
For the new home/property owners of Poinciana, below you will find some
commonly asked questions and answers regarding the elections.
Q. What are the elections for?
A. Poinciana consists of 9 villages. Each of those 9 villages has 5 home/
property owners that represent that village. This is called the lower board. You
will be voting for people to be part of the lower board for the village in which
you own a home or property.
Q. Why is it important for me to vote in these elections?
A. The Association of Poinciana Villages Homeowners Association is run
by a Master Board, which consists of 9 members (the presidents of each of
the 9 villages). This Master Board makes decisions for the entire community.
In other words, they vote for things like improvements, partnerships, events
and activities, and new additions to the community. Although the daily
management of the Association is handled by FirstService Residential, they
work for the board of directors, and follow their direction.
Q. How do I know who to vote for?
A. It is the responsibility of the candidates to campaign and secure votes for
their appointment to the board. There is a list of candidates for the upcoming
election on Page 6 of this publication.
1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,...20
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