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February 2019 Edition 1
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n Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the Association of Poinciana Villages will host
its 2019 Village Board Elections. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
at the Poinciana Community Center, located at 445 Marigold Ave. APV home and
property owners can only vote for villages where their home is located.
All voting information is posted on our website,
official voting documents appeared in every issue of the Poinciana Pioneer starting
in October thru December.
For the benefit of new residents, and a refresher for our longtime neighbors,
below you will find some commonly asked questions and answers regarding the
Q. What are the elections for?
A. The Association of Poinciana Villages consists of 9 villages. Each of those 9
villages has 5 home/property owners that represent that village. This is called the
lower board. You will be voting for people to be part of the lower board for the
village in which you own a home or property.
Q. Why is it important for me to vote in these elections?
A. The Association of Poinciana Villages Homeowners Association is run by
a Master Board, which consists of 9 members (the presidents of each of the 9
villages). This Master Board votes to make important decisions for the entire
community. This includes improvements, partnerships, events and activities, and
new additions to APV. Although the daily management of the Association is
handled by FirstService Residential, they work for the board of directors and follow
their direction.
Q. How do I know who to vote for?
A. It is the responsibility of the candidates to campaign and secure votes for their
appointment to the board. This year, we have 24 candidates running for open seats
in the following villages:
Village 1
Bethzaida Garcia
Eduardo G. Madrigal
Dolores Martinez
Carolyn Miller
Jose R. Vazquez Fernandez
Village 5
Angel Perez
Luis Montalvo Quinones
Village 2
Evederys Cruz Nieves
Village 7
Denise McClain
Martin Negron
David Parmentier
Angel L. Rodriguez
Jesus M. Tollens
Village 3
Linda E. Cantreva
Mary Emerson
Joel Haugh
Kimberly A. Lynch
Nickerson Adolfo Manico
Rebecca Ojeda Ortiz
Celma Perez
Carmen Portillo-Seedansingh
Yvonne Roman
Village 8
Lucia Castillo
Edward A. Drexel
• Please note: The Association of Poinciana Village does not endorse any candidates.
Make Your Voice Heard!
Vote on Feb. 12
Q: How many open seats are
A: Here is a breakdown by
Village 1 – 1 seat
Village 2 – 2 seats
Villages 3 – 2 seats
Village 5 – 2 seats
Village 6 – 5 seats
Village 7 – 1 seat
Village 8 – 1 seat
Q: What about Village 9?
A: Village 9 holds and pays for their own elections which are held in December of
each year. This year, no elections were held as they had no candidates. That means
the 2018 lower Board will remain and Gary Martin will remain President and sit on
the Master Board to represent village 9’s interests.
Q. Are members of the Lower Board or Master Board paid for their service?
A. No-- these are strictly voluntary positions.
Q. If I own two properties, each in a different village, how do I vote?
A. You will have a ballot for each village.
Q. What if I own two or more properties in the same village?
A. You will be given one ballot for each property that you own. i.e. 5 properties = 5 votes
Q: What if I want to run for a board position next year?
A: Beginning in October 2019, we will begin posting information on the community
website and in the Poinciana Pioneer that will include the nomination form. Simply
fill out the nomination before the deadline and mail it in. Background checks are
done on all candidates and candidates must be current in their assessments and
have no active violations on their property.
Q. What should I know before coming to the polls?
A. You must be the person named on the deed. If there is more than one owner, it
is still only one vote per property, NOT per owner. You must have a government
issued ID. When you come to the polls, you will see a place for each village that
has open seats. Go to the one that is marked with your village. Have your ID ready
and the pollster will check the ID with the county database. If you do not have
a valid ID then you will not be able to vote. There are no exceptions. Once the
pollster has checked your ID, you will be given a ballot for each property you own.
You will mark your ballot and place it in the locked polling box.
There are open seats in villages 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Board seats in Village 4
are held by Corporate Resolutions by Taylor Morrison (formerly AV Homes).
The voting will begin at 7 a.m. sharp. At 6:45 a.m. the registrar will unlock each
voting box to verify that it is empty and then lock it once again. The voting boxes
will stay locked until the close of voting at 7 p.m. At that time, the boxes will be
opened one by one and the votes will be counted.
Members of the Association of Poinciana Villages (homeowners) are able to
silently witness the counting of the votes. At no time during the counting of the votes
will the gallery be allowed to speak. This is strictly enforced. The entire election
process is videotaped for the Association’s official records.
We hope to have a large turnout for this year’s elections, and strongly encourage
all home and property owners to participate. This is your chance to become
engaged in your community, so we hope you GET OUT AND VOTE!
Tuesday February 12, 2019
7 AM—7PM
Poinciana Community Center
445 Marigold Ave. Poinciana
Candidates Listed below
Per village
Vote !
For your village representative
* Please note: Board seats in Village 4 are
held by Corporate Resolutions by Taylor
Morrison (formerly AV Homes).
1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,...16
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