February 2018 Edition 2 - page 1

February 2018 Edition 2
Celebrating Residents
for Pride In Homes
After School Program
Sweethearts Dance
2018 Is Starting Out
To Be Poinciana’s
Best Year Ever!
In March Poinciana will be a part of the Florida Basketball Association’s 2018
Season with our very own team, the Poinciana Pride. The pro team will be
hosting games with players from 7 different teams from the across the state
and will be a source of pride for us all, and mentoring for our students in
Poinciana that have a love for the sport of basketball. All home games will be
played at the wonderful Mary Jane Arrington Gymnasium on Country Club
Drive here in Poinciana. Stay up to date on the schedule of home and away
games The schedule will be in this issue of the Pioneer. You can keep up to
date on all things Poinciana Pride at
The Community Awareness Committee was fortunate to have representatives
of the Poinciana Pride at its January meeting. Co-owners Dimas Cintron and
Mark Kings came out to speak with the residents of Poinciana and answer
questions regarding the Pride. Linda Cantreva village 3 president and head
of the Community Awareness Committee said “I think this is great and look
forward to having them here to speak again, after the season starts.” In
addition the Committee is planning a meeting showcasing Valencia College
and all the courses and classes that they offer our residents for their continuing
education needs. The Community Awareness Committee meets on the 3rd
Tuesday of every month at 6:30 at the beautiful Poinciana Community Center.
The Committees goal is to keep Poinciana residents aware of everything that
Community has to offer
Very soon we will be opening up the Vance Harmon park and start having
concerts, movies and events in that park, as well as the Poinciana Community
Center. This spring we will have the Tony Depalma all remodeled with state of
the art improvements, bringing Poinciana 3 community buildings that we can
all take enormous pride.
We would like to thank all the residents of Poinciana for their continued
support in making Poinciana all it can be.
We all predicted that
this year would be
amazing and it looks
like we were right.
Already this year
we have had several
successful activities
and events, and we
have only just begun.
Poinciana is looking
more beautiful than
ever with Public Works working on trimming back foliage and collecting
debris on the roadways. With the Poinciana Beautiful Incentive we are
seeing our homeowners continually making their homes and landscaping look
Our March 1st Edition will be dedicated to the Association’s Second
Annual Poinciana Beautiful Homeowners awards gala. It was a fasinating
evening of pride, joy and the celebrating of Poinciana and its extraordinary
This month LifeStyles of Poinciana hosted a NFL Watch Party at the Community
Center, with a showing of the 2018 Super Bowl with the Eagles vs the
Patriots. And we all know how that turned out. A great time was had by all in
In addition February
saw the Association
of Poinciana Villages
2018 Elections. The
Poinciana residents
had the opportunity to
vote for representatives
of their villages. Results
of that voting will be in
the March 1st Edition
of the Pioneer.
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