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March 2018 Edition 1
Physician Lecture Series
Community Sponsors
Commissioner Arrington
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Gala Photos
The Association of
Poinciana Villages
winners at
Gala Event
The evening concluded with announcing and honoring the 2017 Home of
the Year winners from each village. Each winner was awarded a beautiful
plaque, a year-long family membership to the community pool and a sign to
place in their yard for the year. Presenting the awards were Mark Maldonado,
LCAM general manager of The Association of Poinciana Villages and Johnny
Kraivec, LifeStyles Coordinator for our LifeStyles Program.
The Association of Poinciana Villages would like to take this time to our
sponsors and our winners of this year’s Poinciana Beautiful. And, to also
remind everyone that Poinciana Beautiful will continue this year with the
same incentive for 2018. Stay tuned next month for email announcements
of Poinciana Beautiful 2018 and how you can be a part of this rewarding
n January 27, 2018, the Poinciana Community Center rolled out the
red carpet for residents, guests and this year’s winners of the Poinciana
Beautiful Competition at a special gala awards event. This is the second year
that Poinciana has hosted this event for the community and it was nothing
short of spectacular. The Poinciana Community Center was transformed into
a fancy night club with red and black being the colors of the evening. Long
stemmed red roses adorned every table. People who had played Bingo in the
Community Center the night before could not believe this was the same room.
After guests walked down the red carpet they paused a moment to have
a photograph taken in front of the APV back drop. Once inside their eyes
caught the widescreen where a presentation of all 100 finalists’ homes were
being displayed, while their ears listened to the wonderful sounds of Nova
It wasn’t long before the waiter and waitresses began serving tables with
hors d’oeuvres and beverages, and the amazingly talented Carol Saragusa
addressed the room, welcoming everyone to this night of entertainment and
awards. There was not an empty seat in the room!
The only stressful part of the evening was deciding whether to dance or stay at
your table for fear of missing another delicacy from the wait staff.
There were two tables set up, one with door prizes donated by our amazing
event sponsors, and the other with the awards for the Poinciana Beautiful
Competition winners. An additional table was manned by the team from New
Home Innovation Group LLC, Poinciana’s corporate sponsor. That table was
a swarm of activity as they showed many attendees how easy it is to own a
home in Poinciana with their amazing program. Gift cards and gift baskets
were also handled out to the door prize winners, putting additional smiles on
many faces.
VILLAGE 1 4468 Cherry Branch Court
Owner / Joyce Morgan
VILLAGE 2 639 Brockton Drive
Owner / Pedro Garcia
VILLAGE 3 1012 Heron Court
Owner / Enrique and Felina Llera
VILLAGE 5 903 Nancy Court
Owner / Rafael Rosario
VILLAGE 7 1737 Pompano Court
Owner / Harry and Donna Severson
VILLAGE 8 135 West Zinnia Lane
Owner / Jorge Collado Carlo
VILLAGE 9 314 Evandee Court
Owner / Dennis and Elizabeth Pickering
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