March 2017 Edition 2 - page 1

March 2017 Edition 2
Sheriff Judd
School News
he Association of Poinciana
Villages’ LifeStyles program
that began in March of 2016 is
in full swing and bringing more
life to our community.
At the rst Board of Directors
meeting of 2017, held on
February 15, LifeStyles Event
Coordinator John Kraivec was
introduced. In his presentation,
he gave us a sneak peek of the
many exciting and engaging
events that he has planned for the
community this year.
Spring Break starts for Osceola
County Monday, March 13, and for Polk County Monday, March 20. John
plans to have many events for all ages during that time including, but certainly
not limited to; games and activities at the community pool, family bingo nights
and a movie night on the back lawn of the new Community Center with food
April brings Easter and Poinciana will offer the rst-ever helicopter egg drop
during the annual Easter egg hunt for the children! In addition to fun and
games and numerous food trucks, the new Community Center back lawn will
be lled with Poinciana children excited to ll their baskets.
In May, parents will be preparing to send their high schoolers off to their proms
at Poinciana area schools. John has decided that for all those devoted parents
he will plan them a prom of their own. That means Moms can get all dolled
up with your daughters and Dads with their sons, because after the kids go to
prom, you can bring yourself to the new Community Center and have a prom
night of your own! The Community Center will be transformed into a beautiful
high school prom setting with great nostalgic music, food and beverages.
May also brings Mother’s Day, an important time to honor all the wonderful
moms in our community. LifeStyles will make owers and affordable gifts
available for purchase so that kids can pick something out for their moms.
LifeStyles will close out May with a Memorial Day Celebration starting with
LifeStyles Program
a ceremony honoring our fallen soldiers. We will also have a traditional
Memorial Day cookout, blow-up features for kids and fun games in the pool.
You can end the day with a Memorial Day themed movie on the lawn.
In June, APV is excited to host a brand new event: a two-day basketball
tournament held for residents of Poinciana (more information coming soon!)
Later in the month, we will be honoring the Dads of Poinciana with a Father’s
Day shing tournament to be held at one of the local lakes.
John is also proud to announce a partnership with The Special Olympics
organization and the Association of Poinciana Villages that will bring
competitions and events to the soon to be opened Vance Harmon Park.
It is obvious that John is an energetic, enthusiastic and wonderful addition to
the Poinciana community, and we are very proud to have him on our APV
LifeStyles team. Be sure to sign up for APV’s email blast to stay up to date on
all these wonderful events and much more.
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