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April 2019 Edition 1
Commissioner Arrington
Sheriff Russ Gibson
Sheriff Grady Judd
ne of Poinciana’s
biggest, best and
most highly-anticipated
events of the year is just
around the corner! The
Association of Poinciana
Villages will be hosting
the 2019 Spring Fest and
Easter Egg Hunt on April
13 from 11 a.m. until 2
p.m. at the Vance Harmon
Park Amphitheater located
at 50 Country Club Road.
The event, which is free
and open to all residents,
features pictures with
the Easter Bunny, age-
grouped egg hunts, and
even a helicopter egg
drop, promising to be
a fun day for the whole
“Every year, more and more Poinciana families join us for this
wonderful Easter event,” said Mark Maldonado, General Manager
of APV. “We will have games and prizes, food trucks and bounce
houses. Plus, families won’t want to miss our crowd-favorite,
the helicopter egg drop, where hundreds of Easter eggs will be
dropped from the sky to the delight of all the kids.”
Our APV LifeStyles Department is currently accepting applications
for both sponsors and vendors. If you or your business would like
to participate in one our most highly-attended events of the year,
please reach out to
or visit our
. This is a wonderful opportunity to
get your brand and business in front of more than 1,000 residents.
The Annual Spring Fest and Easter Egg Hunt is just one of the
many major events APV hosts throughout the year for residents and
community members. Other events include the upcoming Independence
Day Fireworks Spectacular, Annual Christmas Parade and Celebration,
and the Annual Trunk or Treat Halloween celebration.
Spring Fest happens rain or shine! We look forward to seeing
you there!
Event Preview: Annual Spring Fest
and Easter Egg Hunt
Time Line of Activities
• Opens at 11:00
• Helicopter Arrives at 12 noon
• Egg hunt to follow once helicopter leaves
• 3 age groups 3 fields ages 1-4, 5-7 and 8-12
• Parents are not allowed on the field except for the age group 1-4
• DJ, Bounces Houses, Games, Prizes, Food Trucks, and most of all fun
until 2 PM.
on Page 7.
RIP 03/11/2019
It all began in 1987, when Anthony DePalma moved
to Poinciana and started his first job involving the
Association of Poinciana Villages. Tony’s first job in
Poinciana was as a dispatcher for Poinciana Patrol. It
was at that time that he began developing his passion for
our community. Many say that his vision and dedication
to make Poinciana all that it could be is much like
that of our current manager, Mark Maldonado. Benny
Gonzalez, who began working for APV in 1986 and
this year started her 33rd year as an employee, says that although Tony and
Mark’s personalities are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, their passion and
commitment to Poinciana are very much the same.
We have been told that Tony, a Chief Master Sargent veteran of the US Air Force,
had a “military approach” in management and a straightforward, not so politically
correct communication style. He became manager of APV in 1990 after being
assistant manger for just a short time. For 9 years under the leadership of
the Board of Directors, he ran the everyday operations of the association as
General Manager. An example of him speaking his mind in perhaps a not so
politically correct way was remembered by Benny, who was part of an all-female
staff under Tony’s management. One day, frustrated with a situation, Tony stated
gruffly, “This wouldn’t be happening if I had an all-male staff.” So, to keep their
boss happy, every woman in the office came to work the next day dressed as a
man. Tony couldn’t help but laugh as he turned, walked into his office, and shut
the door behind him. Later he posed with his “guys” for a photo op.
Like most that carry a passion, it is followed by a vision. Tony’s vision was to
improve Poinciana from the moment he stepped into the management position.
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