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April 2017 Edition 2
School News
Poinciana Happenings
Valencia College
he Community Awareness Committee, under the guidance of Linda Cantreva,
Village 3 President and Secretary Treasurer of the Master Board of Directors,
meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month. The purpose of this committee is to give
homeowners a firsthand opportunity to hear about the exciting things that are
happening and what’s to come in their community. In addition, this committee
encourages community involvement and active participation.
How it works is simple. Homeowners come to the meeting and share ideas
regarding activities and clubs that they would like to see in Poinciana. When he
is able, LifeStyles Event Coordinator John Kraivec also joins the meetings to give
attendees a preview of what he is working on for Poinciana, as well to listen to
the ideas that our homeowners have and be right on hand to talk to them in more
Some of the new programs that have been introduced in the past 8 months since
the Committee began include:
• Our very popular weekly Bingo
program, which is held every Friday
evening and has grown from 12
attendees to more than 80 in just a
few short months.
• The Osceola Council on Aging
program, which brings senior
resources right to Poinciana every
Monday and Friday. They serve a
hot breakfast and are available to
Poinciana’s active seniors to let them
know what the Council on Aging can
do for them.
• The suggestion boxes you find
in all the APV buildings are a direct
result of our community’s input.
• New activities for children
of all ages will be provided by the
Children’s Activities Club., The club
will plan a wide variety of programming from crafting to day trips. There is
even talk of a children’s organized community day to encourage working
together, friendships and memories that could last forever. If you would like to
volunteer to become a part of this club, please come to the awareness meeting
and ask to speak to Amanda.
Some of the programs the Committee is working on for the future:
• Line Dancing Lessons: Suggested by a Poinciana couple who are instructors
and have graciously stepped up to help form a Poinciana Line Dancing Club.
• Day Bus Trips: Another Poinciana resident has volunteered her time and
expertise in the planning of these trips and to form a Poinciana Excursion
• Cooking Classes: A volunteer has spoken up to form a Poinciana Healthy
Cooking Club.
• Healthcare Information Classes: In the crazy world of healthcare choices and
insurance needs, we have a resident who is taking a course to become an
instructor of Health Insurance concerns.
• Coming soon we will have a Silver Sneakers Program introduced to Poinciana
In addition to all the wonderful activities that are in the works for the young and
old alike, the Community Awareness Committee is also there to address problems
that the community may be facing. If you have an issue, the Committee can help
direct you to the correct agency that handles your situation. If the problem involves
a matter that falls under the jurisdiction of our Deed of Restrictions, the Committee
will work on that situation through APV and the Board of Directors.
On occasion, the meetings become a learning experience for residents. For
example, Mr. Tom Slaten, legal counsel for the Association of Poinciana Villages,
donated his time to come to one of our meetings and explain the relationship of
an HOA to homeowners, as well as the relationship of homeowners to the HOA.
Mr. Slaten took questions from all in attendance and addresses these matters to
everyone’s satisfaction. Some of the more serious conversations have included the
• The ATV problem in Poinciana. Residents have learned that APV has no
jurisdiction over the people that own and ride their ATV’s on private property.
To help with solutions, Mr. Maldonado has had numerous meeting with Polk
and Osceola Counties to come up with a solution. But, believe it or not, a
group of residents is heard much louder than APV.
• The group also discussed the speeding problem in some of the neighborhoods
and the need for speed bumps, pedestrian crossing markings, sidewalks and
stop signs. These are all issues that the residents must take up with the counties
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