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May 2014 Edition 1
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and religious backgrounds, all living in harmonywithin the tree.
The trunk of the tree represents the community’s foundation - a strong
commitment to value the land and dreams of the peoplewithin the community
who call it home. Along the limbs of the tree, red leaves can be found,
representing the origins of the community as one united Poinciana. The
tree is rooted into the land that invites people to build communities on the
foundations of family, work, belief in themselves and a commitment to living
the good life. The board of director’s of APV believe this look best reflects the
values and dreams of the peoplewho live, work and raise their families within
the community villages whichmake up Poinciana.
Like its tree namesake, APV is growing in thewarm, sunny climate of Central
Florida. Moving ahead, the successes, further infrastructure and community
developments and growthwithin Poinciana promises to bloom in exciting
newways, attracting future generations of residents in the sameway that a
Poinciana tree blossoms to attract the eye, with its lush and colorful foliage.
Residents will begin seeing the new Poinciana logos around the community in
two forms. Just the leaves have been used to form theAPVCorporate Logo,
whichwill symbolizeAPV corporate communications activities. This corporate
logowill replace existingAPV logos and appear onAPV administrative
materials such as the Poincianamap, stationery, business contracts, Public
Works uniforms, business cards and email signatures. The new corporate
brand using just the Poinciana leaves will also appear prominently in the
digital world, viaAPV’s upcoming redesignedwebsite as well as on social
media in the upcomingAPV Facebook page.
The full-tree logo version, or APVCommunity Logo, will serve as the public
counterpart to theAPVCorporate Logo. Its purpose is to communicateAPV’s
new brand in, around and beyond the Poinciana community, seen and
experienced by both residents and non-residents. This colorful new look
will appear in key locations around Poinciana, including but not limited
to the front entrance of theAdministrationOffice, in the flower bed of the
Community Center, and on the sides of PublicWorks vehicles andmachines,
Both logos serve a unified purpose, and both remain in harmonywith each
other, just as APV and themembers and residents strive to be.
“Our new logos, colors and graphic designwork together to create a positive,
attractive image of our community,” saidMaldonado. “TheAPV Board of
Directors and FirstService Residential has worked diligently to build a brand
identity that will capture attention and send positivemessages about our on-
goingwork to enhance Poinciana. I look forward to the future this new look
heralds in, for everyone in Poinciana,” saidMaldonado.
At this verymoment, you’re holding a sample of the
newAssociation of PoincianaVillages (APV) brand
in your hands, in the form of our redesigned bi-
weekly newspaper, the Poinciana Pioneer.
You’ll notice new sections, a cleaner layout and
a fresh new designwe hope youwill enjoy as we
grow the paper, alongwith the community it features
within.Wewelcome you to share your photos,
accomplishments, interests and points of viewwithin
these pages.
The Board of Directors of theAssociation of PoincianaVillages (APV)
approved this new branding, that will soon be seen blossoming throughout
APV and Poinciana on everything from business cards and email signatures,
to street signage and office exteriors.
This new look is part of an advertising and signage campaign that
APVGeneral ManagerMarkMaldonadowith FirstService Residential
said “presents thewonderfully alive, engaging future potential of this great
The newAPV brand is personified by a stylized Poinciana tree and leaves.
This community, named for the Poinciana tree used in the logo, reflects the
vibrant and culturally diverse population that makes up one of the largest
homeowner’s associations in theUSA.
“We are fortunate to live in a placewhere young families, retirees and people
from all different states and nations come to live together, creating the best
of what amulti-cultural community can be,” saidMaldonado. “Some are
drawn by affordable housing, good schools and nearby jobs, others by the
relaxed pace of life and community they find here. But all are here because
they believe this is the placewhere their goals, aspirations and dreams can be
The Poinciana tree logo that gives the Poinciana community its name, has
inviting, fern-like leaves and brightly colored flowers, personifying the
welcoming charm of awarm yet temperate land, while representing the
vast, ever changingmulti-cultural community that calls Poinciana home. The
different colored leaves on the tree represent the community’s diverse cultural
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