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You might not have thought about the Association of Poinciana Villages’
Customer Service department unless you have had a question or been notified
of a violation. These folks are dedicated to customer service excellence and
making our community the best it can be. To better understand how Customer
Service department supports our community, we went Ivonne Martines, Customer
Service Manager to learn more.
How many are on the Community Service department team?
We have an exceptional team that consists of 11 members (4 community service
clerks, 2 clerks at our Design Control Dept. and 5 community service officers)
What are their jobs?
Community Service Clerk:
Link between the homeowner and the Association.
Provides our residents with information that they need in order to be in
compliance with our regulations as stipulated in our documents.
When a resident calls our office with a concern, we need to understand their
needs and how to address them no matter how simple they might be.
We meet with the resident inside/outside our office to assist with any
We discuss any doubts that they might have in reference to any letter
(violation) mailed due to a non-compliance issue.
Community Service Officers:
They become our eyes and ears when they are on the road.
Their job consists of finding any property that is not in compliance with our
They will approach a homeowner in some cases to inform them of any
violation and how it can be corrected without the need to write a violation.
What is a typical day for the Community Service department?
It starts as soon as we open our doors. On a regular morning we start with
probably a total of 60 messages received during the weekend or the previous
night and the visit of more than 20 residents looking for information on a
received violation, residents that come in with concerns in reference to any
situation occurring in their neighborhood and the new residents with questions
about the HOA. We want our residents to feel that no matter how small the
incident might be it is very important for us to know that when they leave our
office they have been heard and that a solution to the situation was found.
What is the biggest challenge that the Community Service department faces right
One of our biggest challenges is the perception of invasion of privacy within
our residents. For many years our department has been seen by many of our
residents as invaders of their privacy and the interaction between the residents
and our community service department has been compromised due to this
perception. Our commitment to this community is to have them understand
that we are not invading their privacy, we need to enforce our documents and
by complying with this not only we are beautifying our community but we are
also contributing to increase the value of our property. There is always room for
improvements and at this time we are working on identifying these opportunities
so… stay tuned for great changes.
How can residents of APV assist in overcoming this challenge?
Become our partner, this is our community and we need to take pride on our
See us as a source of information. Don’t feel intimidated, we are here to
answer any question and work together to find solutions.
Talk to your neighbor. Point out any issue that might be considered a
violation. If a new resident moves in, direct them to our office. We will
be more than happy to assist them and provide them with our Subdivision
Declaration and other information.
Adopt your street. Help your neighbor understand the importance of not
having outside storage or even by telling him how nice his house looks
after he pressure washed. Encourage your neighbors to take pride in their
American Dream… their home.
Is there anything else that you would like our residents to know?
I would like to encourage our residents to see our Community Service Department
as a resource of information. We are committed with our community because we
believe in our community. As stated in our company’s values and I quote “Our
mission is to deliver exceptional service and solutions that enhance the value of
every property and the lifestyle of every resident in the communities”. This is
what our Community Service Department is all about.
May 2015 Edition 2
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