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May 2017 Edition 2
Poinciana Happenings
Poinciana Community
The Best Is
Yet To Come
here is no better feeling than to have
so many exciting things to tell the
community! We have decided that in this
article, we will briefly touch base on all the
items that we will be discussing in the future
Poinciana Pioneer front page stories.
The APV app is new and improved and
ready for our residents to download from
the mobile app store. In the near future, I
will elaborate on this app and explain the
advantages of downloading it to your device.
By the next publication, Vance Harmon
Park will have reopened and the Mary Jane
Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center will be
available for all of Poinciana to enjoy. Please
remember, this is only the opening of Phase
1 of the restoration of Vance Harmon Park.
Phase 2 will
be completed
by the end of
All of us here at the Association of Poinciana
Villages are busy with this year’s Poinciana
Beautiful project. After an incredibly
successful first year, the Community Service
Department is now accepting nominations
from our residents who would like to
participate in the second year of this Home
Beautification Program. In upcoming
editions, I will also be showing you pictures
of what our Public Works Department
is doing on their end to keep Poinciana
Our LifeStyles Department, coordinated
by John Kraivec, is full of
excitement with upcoming
events and activities. In May
alone, LifeStyles provided the
community with over a dozen
wonderful events and activities
including: Mother’s Day Paint
Night, Casino Cruise Day Trip,
AARP Safe Driving Course,
Adult Prom Night, Grand
Opening of the Vance Harmon
Pool, swim lessons at the pool,
Summer Camp, Soccer Camp,
Basketball Camp and of course
our Friday night BINGO which
is getting bigger and better
every week.
It is time to prepare yourself for
a more active Poinciana, as it
is only going to get better.
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