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May 2018 Edition 2
Sheriff Judd
Summer Camps
Memorial Day
APV Hurricane
As we all know, hurricanes and tropical storms are highly unpredictable.
Because of this, several measures are taken to keep everyone informed of
the latest updates when a storm is approaching, during the storm and after
it passes. These alerts are sent in the form of email blasts, which include
information on state of emergency alerts, county resources, disaster assistance
registration, shelter locations, tips for creating a plan, school closings and
reopenings, power outage restorations as well as trash and debris removal. If
you haven’t already, we encourage all APV residents to sign up for our email
blasts on the APV website, by clicking the “Join Our E-Blast List” button on the
Last year, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we saw the true spirit of our
community as many of our residents, local businesses and agencies, and even
government officials reached out to Poinciana with help. We were honored
to have Rep. Mike La Rosa personally visit APV to speak with residents and
offer assistance. There was also a FEMA food and water distribution, which
provided each resident who attended with two cases of water and one case
of food. In order to further help residents, APV also hosted a meeting with the
Community Services Department to discuss post hurricane issues and concerns
with residents.
We pray that are our storm preparations go unneeded, but rest assured that
APV will be prepared in the event that another storm affects Central Florida
this year. For more information about hurricane preparations please visit the
National Hurricane Center’s Hurricane Preparedness website at
he 2018 Hurricane Season
officially begins on June
1st and potential storm
preparations are already
well underway in Poinciana.
The safety of our residents in
the Association of Poinciana
Villages is a top priority for
APV’s Board of Directors, staff
and General Manager Mark
Storm preparations for our community are in the works now in order to be
ready if and when a storm should approach our area. All Versa Ditching is
thoroughly inspecting for debris and any other obstructions that may impede
proper drainage. We also have a new Chief Engineer at APV’s Public Works
Department, Tony Garcia, who previously worked with FEMA for 10 years
and has a great deal of experience dealing with pre-storm preparations and
post-storm recovery. The Public Works Department is responsible for securing
all APV buildings and Common Areas prior to a storm in order to protect and
preserve Poinciana’s many wonderful amenities.
Ditch maintenance is handled by the county and any drainage issues that are
discovered are reported to the respective county directly. APV residents can
also call Osceola County at 407-742-0662 and Polk County at 863-534-
6000 to report drainage issues
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