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May 2019 Edition 2
Poinciana Hats Off
ESL, English Second
Language Program
Food Insecurity Rates
re you looking for tips on how to maintain or
improve your home? Do you have questions
about violations and the new ning committee?
Gain valuable information about your community
and your home at the Association of Poinciana
Villages’ Community Service Department for
Poinciana’s rst-ever Community Workshop on
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 7 p.m. at The Anthony
DePalma Center - 395 Marigold Ave.
During this can’t miss event, attendees will have
the opportunity to meet the Community Service
Department staff, learn how to save money while
also increasing their property value, and receive
special tips and tricks for maintaining and improving
your home. Hear from industry professionals from the
following companies:
• Sherwin-Williams
• Lowe’s Home Improvement
• Momentum Solar
• Tru-Tek Waterproofing, Inc.
• RE/MAX Pioneer
• Performance Roofing
Additional topics covered during this workshop will include violations,
the ning committee and what to do if you receive a violation, as well
as an overview of APV’s Deed of Restrictions. Community Service staff
will also be onsite to set up appointments for individual meetings to
address your concerns and individual issues.
Thanks to our event sponsors and guest speakers, we have several
fabulous door prizes available, including a Solar Vent, valued at
$325, which will be provided by Tru-Tek Waterproofing, Inc. We are
also excited to announce that Sherwin-Williams will be offering a
package door prize that will include a 90-minute custom home design
consultation and visit from one of their in-house designers and a $50
Sherwin-Williams gift card!
Learn from the Pros at APV’s
Inaugural Community Workshop
This Community Workshop is free and brought to you by The
Community Service Department (CSD) of Poinciana Villages, a
division of the Association of Poinciana Villages. This department
is responsible for keeping every home and property in Poinciana
compliant with the Deed of Restrictions. Led by team leader
Shelia Montanez and her incredible staff, the CSD works
diligently to ensure the restrictions are followed by each resident
of Poinciana. In addition, the helpful office-staff is in place to
assist you in any way they can to clear up a violation that you are
working on.
Space is limited! Reserve your seat today by visiting the APV website
Simply click on the LifeStyles tab and
then click Events. Residents who have questions about the APV Deed
of Restrictions can also learn more at the APV website.
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