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June 2014 Edition 1
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and bring new things in. Things the YMCA couldn’t bring to the table,” Vela
Currently, the Board of Directors of APV plans to utilize funds to renovate
Poinciana’s recreational options beginning this year. APV’s plans include
renovating the existing community center building, expanding the APV
Recreational Center (formerly the YMCA building), and building a third
building, the APV Aquatics Center, which will host the outdoor recreational
and lap pool.
The APV Recreational Center will also be adding classes like Yoga and
kickboxing classes, along with continuing the Silver Sneakers exercise
program, the after school programs, and other existing programs already in
progress. APV will also be adding an additional basketball court, tennis courts
and much more.
“The needs of Poinciana’s community members and residents always come
first, and we are working hard to ensure that APV provides high-quality,
enjoyable and desired amenities in our fitness and recreational facilities,” said
“Right now, the Board of Directors for the APV is investigating the options and
offers we are receiving, for who should best manage the APV Recreational
Center, including the opportunity to manage it ourselves, if that is the best
fit for our members and residents. The Association of Poinciana Villages is
committed to this fitness facility and all the programs that go on there, and
since we own the APV Recreational Center, these programs and facility will
not be going away,” Maldonado explained.
The Board of Directors of the Association of Poinciana Villages (APV) is
planning a more than $4.1 renovation and expansion of its APV Recreational
Center, beginning this year.
The Board of Directors of APV, with FirstService Residential, has been
planning the upgrades and amenity additions that would be most important
to the members and residents of the community for more than a year. APV
had been the sole sponsor of this facility long-term, and had maintained
and planned the upgrades, as part of a long-range enhancement program
throughout the Poinciana community which has included new soccer and
cricket fields and upgrades to parks, as part of the enrichment planning for
The YMCA, which has run the APV Recreation Center that is owned and solely
sponsored by APV, announced last month that the YMCA will no longer be
running the facility as of June 6th 2014. Executive director of the YMCA, Kirk
Eick, said off-camera to Channel News 13 in May, that this particular YMCA
could only provide very limited services, and in the end it didn’t really make
financial sense to continue.
“Due to the YMCA not seeking any additional sponsors - other than APV
sponsoring this facility for the past 6 years - now is the perfect time to
consider alternative options to better serve our community,” said APV General
Manager Mark Maldonado with FirstService Residential.
“This recreational facility upgrade which will combine fitness, health and
recreational amenities of all kinds, is important to us – and the Board of
the APV is planning on adding more than $4.1 million dollars to invest in
renovations and upgrades to this facility in the very near future to bring even
more opportunities to our Poinciana members and residents,” Maldonado
APV resident Sylvia Vela told reporters that she is excited for the change. “I’m
excited about what is coming because the community is going to take it over
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