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June 2017 Edition 1
Community Awareness
Osceola County
Seniors Helping Seniors
Grand Opening Of
The Mary Jane
Arrington Gym And
Aquatic Center At
Vance Harmon Park
n Saturday, May 13th, the
Association of Poinciana
Villages was thrilled to celebrate the
completion of Phase 1 of the Vance
Harmon Park renovation with the
grand opening of the Mary Jane
Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center.
Hundreds of community members
joined us for a special ribbon cutting
ceremony, and we truly appreciate
all of your support and excitement.
On behalf of our entire staff, we
commend APV’s Board of Directors for
their decision to partner with Osceola
County to bring this beautiful facility
to life.
The project has been a true
partnership between the Board
of Directors of the Association of
Poinciana Villages and Osceola
County. The project included a budget
of $8.65 million and approximately
$650,000 in community block
grant funding. APV will contribute
$3.2 million back to Osceola
County. Through this investment, the
Association of Poinciana Villages will
gain an asset in our portfolio worth
more than $8 million. In addition to
providing a wonderful new amenity
for our residents, our partnership
with the county and our investment in
improving the park will also increase
property values, which is one of
the primary responsibilities of any
successful homeowners association.
The partnership also benefits Osceola
County, as APV will own as well as
manage the operations of the facility,
saving the county about $700,000
each year. In order to maximize the
potential of the new facilities and
offset maintenance costs, APV plans
to use the new facilities for programs
geared toward the community at
large. Below is a sampling of the
programs and offerings that are
already in place, and we plan to add
many more in the future.
APV Swim Team
Special Olympics meets and
Scuba Diving Courses
Available to Poinciana High
Schools to start swimming teams
Swimming lessons for our adults
as well as our youth
Summer Camps
University of Florida Cooperative
Extension Programs
Basketball Teams
Basketball Clinics
Soccer Clinic
According to
Brandon Arrington
, who serves
District 3 in
Osceola County,
“Residents in
Osceola County
and Poinciana
have waited a long
time for facilities
of this caliber. This
aquatics center
offers a host of
opportunities and will serve everyone
from toddlers who are learning to
swim, to our high school athletes,
adults and seniors. This wonderful
and beautiful amenity will truly be a
showcase piece for APV residents and
the surrounding communities.”
In order to make the use of these
gorgeous new facilities as easy as
possible, APV has also launched our
EZ Facility technology. This electronic
system offers increased efficiency and
monitoring of all APV facilities, which
means resources can be distributed
appropriately and the community
can be better serviced according to
residents’ needs.
the grand
feel the
in the air
as the new facilities were first opened
to the public. It quickly became clear
that our younger community members
were most excited about the diving
boards at the aquatics center.
Other highlights from the ceremony
included a scuba diving exhibition,
a Special Olympics swim meet and
daytime fireworks. We also received
great interest in the upcoming
University of Florida Cooperative
Extension programs. Be on the
lookout for an email soon with more
details on those programs.
The ceremony included a presentation
from John Kraivec, the Association
of Poinciana Village’s LifeStyles
Coordinator. Several community
leaders were also on hand to assist
with the ceremony and ribbon cutting
duties, including Commissioner
Brandon Arrington, Mary Jane
Arrington, Tim Weisheyer of the
Osceola School Board and Russ
Gibson, Osceola County Sheriff. APV
staff and Board members included
Mark Maldonado, Tony Iorio, Linda
Cantreva, Amanda Geltz, Eduardo
Madrigal, and Fernando Dominguez
of FirstService Residential. Thank you
to everyone who participated in this
important event!
Work on Vance Harmon Park began
more than four years ago and the
Association of Poinciana Villages is
excited to bring all these new facilities
to residents. Phase two of the project,
which is expected to be completed
within the next year, will include
renovations to the football and softball
fields, two new outdoor basketball
courts, two playgrounds, a dog park
and an amphitheater.
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