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June 2014 Edition 2
July 3rd Celebration
Sheriff Judd
School News
Grand Opening of
Soccer Fields
Maria Nelly Carhuayo
APV Media Reporter
On Saturday, May 16, 2014, a ceremony took place at Deerwood Park to
inaugurate the soccer fields. Mr. Mark Maldonado addressed the public in
attendance and explained how the park had been recovered after being
previously given to the county and that it belonged to the community of
Poinciana. Mr. Maldonado received a Certificate of Appreciation from
Poinciana Youth Soccer.
El Sábado, 17 de mayo, 2014 se llevó a cabo una ceremonia en el Parque
Deerwood para inaugurar los campos de soccer. El señor Mark Maldonado
se dirigió al público y explicó cómo se había recuperado el parque que
anteriormente se le había regalado al condado y que pertenecía a la
comunidad de Poinciana. El señor Maldonado recibió un Certificado de
Apreciación de parte de Poinciana Youth Soccer.
Se Inauguran Campos de Soccer
Children Graduate from
the Salvation Army
Maria Nelly Carhuayo
APV Media Reporter
A graduation ceremony
recognizing the achievements of
the first moonbeams and sunbeams
graduates, novices in brass and
guitar, was celebrated by the
Salvation Army at the Poinciana
Community Center, on Friday, May 16, 2014.
The Salvation Army is an international
evangelical movement of the Christian
Universal Church with a message
based on the Bible and motivated
by the love of God. Its mission is the
Gospel of Jesus Christ to help those that
are in need, as expressed by Major
Todd Smith.
Attending the event were Captain
Ricardo, Band Teacher, John Mills
and the Salvation Army brass band
from Winter Haven. Representing the
Association of Poinciana Villages at this event was Mr. Mark Maldonado.
Certificates of Achievements were presented to the participating children by
the Poinciana Salvation Army representatives, Captain Angel and Maria
Hernandez. Also present were members of the Board and the Chairperson of
the Advisory Board, Mr. Nick Murdock.
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