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June 2017 Edition 2
Poinciana Happenings
Rotary Club
Independence Day
Beautification Team
Is Hard At Work
he Association of Poinciana Villages in
its continuing efforts to keep Poinciana
beautiful is proud to announce that the
Public Works Beautification Team is hard
at work. Just as our residents are busy
preparing their homes to be entered
into the Poinciana Beautiful Home of the
Year, APV’s team is busy improving our
landscaping as well.
Beginning with the administration building
they have decided to add some color to
the existing landscape and move some of
the shrubs and greenery to other locations
in the community. In addition, the team
applied some TLC to the irrigation system
to make sure everything was working in
tip-top condition. New plantings around the
sign to the entrance definitely brightens the
view of our fountains in the pond.
Here in Florida landscaping is a year
around job, and our Beautification Team
is dedicated to put all their efforts into
keeping Poinciana looking its very best.
Part of the responsibilities of this team is
to also keep our playgrounds fresh and
inviting. Beautification crew helped with
the spreading of 40 yards of mulch at Lil
Halibut Park, as a beginning of preparing
all the parks for summer break.
To help the residents of Poinciana with
their gardening projects we are proud to
introduce a new Gardening Club which
will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every
month at 6:30 PM in the Anthony DePalma
Building. In addition, you can go to the
brand new cooperative extension office to
ask your questions and get advice. They
will be beginning classes and programs
soon, the UF/IFAS is located at the Mary
Jane Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center
of Vance Harmon Park. This program
is brought to you through University of
Florida. Master Gardner Eva Pabon will
have an office set up in the building. You
can reach Eva at 321-697-3000, or by
Email at
. We are very
excited about offering these avenues to help
you explore and learn about gardening in Florida. To learn
more about the Poinciana Beautiful Home of the Year program,
be watching your emails for details or call the administration office
at 863-427-0900.
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