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June 2019 Edition 2
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Dear Poinciana Residents,
Are you interested in where County revenues come from
and how these dollars are spent?
If so, updated information on the County’s financial state
is now available in the latest Popular Annual Financial
Report (PAFR) prepared by your Polk County Clerk of
Courts & Comptroller.
The report provides citizens with a brief analysis of where County revenues come
from and how these dollars are spent.
Financial highlights for fiscal year 2017-2018 include:
Investment earnings increased by 25.5 percent as a result of market conditions
and portfolio composition. The Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller
manages the County’s investments to earn interest and lessen the burden on
Tourism tax revenue increased by 21.0 percent. Tourism is now one of the
largest industries in the County thanks to a well-executed long term plan
that focuses on both driving demand and developing new supply. Major
attractions such as LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, Streamsong Resort, and the
historic Bok Tower Gardens as well as the County’s close proximity to other
Central Florida attractions such as Walt Disney World have played a major
role as well.
Property tax revenue increased by 10.1 percent and is a major funding source
for County government and services for residents. This was the fifth consecutive
year that property tax revenue increased; however, the County’s property tax
revenue is still less than in 2009.
In total, expenses related to general government, public safety, transportation,
economic environment, human services and culture/recreation increased by 0.6
percent. This increase was due to road resurfacing expenses that were partially
offset by decreases in other areas.
Waste and Recycling had an
operating loss of $14.0 million
compared to operating income of
$19.1 in 2017 due to expenses
related to debris after Hurricane
Irma for which the County has not
yet received reimbursement.
The County completed several
projects during the year,
including the Ernie Caldwell
Boulevard Phase IIB and III, Bartow Northern Connector Phase II, and the
Northridge Trail Phase III totaling nearly $40.0 million. In addition, the Utilities
Division completed over $38.0 million in system upgrades and improvements to
water treatment plants.
As your Clerk of Courts & Comptroller, I’m committed to increasing
accountability and transparency in County government. I remain committed
to reviewing our County’s finances each year and reporting the impacts to the
community through this report so that residents know how their tax dollars were
managed and spent.
The summarized information in the PAFR is derived from the Comprehensive Annual
Financial Report, which is also produced by my office.
View all financial reports online at
To request a printed
copy, contact my Comptroller Division at 863-534-5937.
If you need additional information, contact my office at 863-534-4000. Visit us
online at polkcountyclerk.net and “like” the Polk County Clerk Facebook page for
updates, job postings, scam alerts and more. Also, if you need to come visit my
office, we have a branch located in Northeast Polk at 3425 Lake Alfred Road in
Winter Haven to service the majority of your needs.
Best Wishes,
Stacy M. Butterfield, CPA
Polk County Clerk of Courts & Comptroller
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