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July 2018 Edition 1
Commissioner Arrington
Hiring Event
Sheriff Judd
Poinciana Sees
Dramatic Rise in
Property Values
Over Last Five Years
new strategic partnerships. In 2017, APV partnered with the Special
Olympics, allowing their athletes use of the state-of-the-art competition
pool at Vance Harmon Park. Previously, these athletes would have to
travel more than 30 miles to the nearest practice facility. Additionally,
APV and its Board of Directors formed a multi-million-dollar strategic
alliance with Osceola County to create the beautiful Vance Harmon
Park. After more than four years of planning and construction, Phase 1
of the Vance Harmon Park renovation opened on May 13, 2017 with
the Mary Jane Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center. This impressive
park includes a 16-thousand square foot sports complex, an Olympic-
style pool, a fitness trail, a multi-use lawn for sports and outdoor
activities, a movie lawn, and an outdoor pavilion. Phase 2 of the park
officially opened on March 29, 2018 and includes renovations to the
football and softball fields, two new outdoor basketball courts, two
playgrounds, a dog park and an amphitheater. The project to build the
park included a budget of more than $8 million with approximately $5
million in community block grant funding.
Even more good news. It was recently announced that the Vance
Harmon Park deed has officially been transferred back to the
Association of Poinciana Villages, meaning you, our residents, now
own that gorgeous park. All of these assets, plus improvements and
renovations continually being made to the community property, are
helping to further increase your home and property values.
And, how can we not include mention of our fabulous LifeStyles
Department. In just a few short years, the LifeStyles team has added
many new events and activities to bring our community together. We
have seen first hand the positive changes that coordinated events and
programs have made in Poinciana and how these programs build on
our sense of community. If you haven’t already checked out one of our
events, we hope to see you soon.
With so many wonderful changes, and still more on the horizon, we
continue our work to make the Association of Poinciana Villages one of
the greatest neighborhoods in all of Central Florida. We look forward
to continuing the successful relationships we have established with the
FirstService Residential team, local government officials and Central
Florida organizations. We all are very excited for the future and for the
great things we can accomplish together.
oinciana residents have witnessed an amazing transformation of our community
over the past few years. From the creation of a highly-successful LifeStyles
Department to the widely-popular Poinciana Beautiful Awards to the construction
of the incredible Vance Harmon Park, the Association of Poinciana Villages (APV)
has grown tremendously. APV’s Board of Directors, in partnership with FirstService
Residential, APV General Manager Mark Maldonado and our entire staff, worked
tirelessly to bring several amazing new amenities and programs to APV since 2013.
On top of these new amenities and large-scale events for residents and visitors to
enjoy, APV homeowners now have another reason to love calling Poinciana home.
Recent reports from our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) show that property values
have significantly increased in our area. On average, home prices in Poinciana have
increased by more than 50% in the past five years (excluding Solivita). The MLS
shows that from May 29, 2013 to May 29, 2014 there were 1,184 homes sold with
an average price of $109,550. However, from May 29, 2017 to May 29, 2018
there were 1,213 homes sold with an average price of $167,923 – an increase of
53.28% for that 5 year period.
“What we have seen in this community in the last five years is truly incredible,” said
Joel Haugh, a licensed real estate professional who has worked in Poinciana since
1983. “The property value increase is due to distressed homes being absorbed
and APV’s commitment to make Poinciana one of the best places to live in Central
This tremendous increase in the average property value of Poinciana homes benefits
all of us as our community has grown in both size and value. APV’s Board of
Directors, the entire staff and FirstService Residential make this a priority as we
continue to improve and enhance our neighborhood.
One of the ways we have worked to accomplish this is through the creation of the
Annual Poinciana Beautiful Awards. This community-wide home beautification
program honors homeowners who do an exceptional job of maintaining their
property. Since launching in 2016, hundreds of residents have joined in the
program after seeing the
improvements made by their
neighbors. These improvements
help increase property values,
increase home sales and
encourage developers and
businesses to consider our
community as a place to
successfully invest.
Another exciting development
at APV over the past few years
has been the formation of
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