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July 2019 Edition 1
Commissioner Arrington
On The Mark
Sheriff Grady Judd
ince 2015, and continuing today, a small group of APV residents has
drawn the Association of Poinciana Villages (APV) into ongoing legal
action. Their frivolous claims and lawsuits have forced APV to defend
itself time and time again, resulting in hefty legal bills which are ultimately
shares and paid for by all APV proper
ty owners.
Peter Jolly, Victor Destremps and Annette Brown have now cost APV
approximately $250,000. And it doesn’t end there. Jolly alone has
just filed another lawsuit, his fifth, which will waste additional tens of
thousands of dollars in membership dues that could be better spent
improving the community.
It should be noted that in August 2015, Jolly and Destremps used
their positions as members of APV’s executive committee to take
$1.6 million from APV’s bank accounts, as well as documents and
computer hard drives from APV’s offices. APV sought and obtained an
emergency injunction that ordered Jolly and Destremps to return APV’s
money, records and hard drives, and APV obtained a final permanent
injunction against Jolly and Destremps for their improper actions
against APV and its homeowners. However, they continue to file claims
against APV.
Due to the ongoing nature of these lawsuits, we wanted our APV residents
to see exactly how much money is being wasted—and for no good
reason. Each case had to be defended at great cost before the courts.
Jolly, Destremps and Brown have lost every single lawsuit they’ve brought
against APV. Here’s how it all breaks down:
2015 Lawsuit: APV vs. Peter Jolly and Victor Destremps. This 2015 lawsuit
was filed by APV against Jolly and Destremps to get an emergency
injunction to force them to return $1.6 million they removed from APV’s
accounts. Total cost to APV: $60,000 which included a filing fee, a
process server and a bond fee to get the injunction.
2015 Lawsuit: Peter Jolly, Victor Destremps, and Annette Brown vs. APV,
Village One and Avatar Properties. This lawsuit started out as Friends of
Poinciana Villages on behalf of Jolly, Destremps, and Brown. Total cost to
APV: $170,300. That total does not include the more than $49,000 that
Village One incurred.
2016: Peter Jolly filed a petition for election arbitration that was dismissed.
Total Cost to APV: Several Hundred Dollars.
2017: Peter Jolly also filed a petition for election arbitration that hasn’t
gone anywhere. Additional cost to APV: to date $1,000
2018: Victor Destremps filed a petition for election arbitration that was
suspended. APV was not required to answer, but still incurred a cost of a
few hundred dollars.
2019: Peter Jolly’s new lawsuit against the Village One board members
and Mark Maldonado could cost APV as much as $25,000.
In addition to all the costs, Jolly, Destremps and Brown also owe Village
One more than $49,000 in restitution.
That means, a quarter-of-a-million dollars has now been wasted defending
our community against false and malicious claims. That money could have
been used for community improvements or new amenities—things the
entire community could benefit from. Instead, we’ve been forced to spend
it on legal bills.
It is our goal for the future of APV to move past these wrongful allegations
and recover the funds we had to spend to defend our association against
these claims that are simply not true. We have always worked to make
Poinciana one of the best places to live in all of Central Florida and will
continue to do so.
Small Group of Homeowners Cost APV $250,000
in Frivolous Lawsuits
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