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August 2014 Edition 1
People of Poinciana
Attention Homeowners
Sheriff Judd
APV Accomplishments Racking Up
Wins for Poinciana
Like many communities throughout the
nation, Poinciana Villages was hard hit
by the biggest economic recession since
the Great Depression of the 1930s.
As the economy staggered, home
foreclosures and delinquent HOA fees
skyrocketed, putting the community in
a tough position as it strived to support
and enhance the growing needs of the
During this time, the Association
of Poinciana Villages (APV) Board
of Directors did a comprehensive
evaluation of the situation, studying both
the causes and potential solutions to the challenges affecting the community. The
board’s leadership decided it was time to bring in a new perspective and new
ideas for improvement.
The board began to focus on where
they could bring about the greatest
growth, through new ideas for
resources. They chose FirstService
Residential to help them develop and
implement a new era of strategic
growth and improvement.
After February 2013, when the APV
Board of Directors contracted with property management company FirstService
Residential, a new age of change and development began.
Today, some 14 months into the contract, APV can cite an impressive list of
accomplishments benefitting community residents and businesses, with more
improvements on the horizon. “We have a shared vision with the APV Board
of Directors on the full potential of the Villages,” says FirstService Residential
Community Association Manager Mark Maldonado. “Working together, we’re
making this vision an exciting reality for our community.”
Community Beautification
A little sprucing up can go a long way to making a community more attractive
and welcoming. With this in mind, landscape enhancements have been made
to the APV Community Center, Administrative Building grounds and common
areas, while upgraded mowing equipment has been added to keep the grounds
The upgrading of APV’s parks and fenced recreation areas included a $90,000
revamp of the Deerwood Park soccer fields, a brand-new cricket field in Village
7, as well as new shading and fenced areas.
Over at Toddler Park, a number of improvements have been made, including
the installation of two new shade structures to provide a more comfortable
environment on long, hot summer days.
The Deerwood Park soccer fields recently celebrated a grand opening and now
the fields are ready for game-winning goals.
Streets and sidewalks are also on the agenda, with sidewalk construction along
Country Club Road, and road resurfacing along most streets off of Falcon Road.
Open lines of communication with Duke Energy have also led to faster response
times to repair street lights, making APV’s streets brighter and safer.
Improved Government Services
A main priority for APV has been strengthening ties between all the Villages and
local, state and national government representatives. FirstService Residential and
APV have been active in establishing closer relationships with representatives
from Polk and Osceola Counties, the Florida State Legislature, and the U.S.
One result has been the establishment of a satellite office within Poinciana for
Congressman Alan Grayson’s Constituent Advocate, providing Poinciana
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