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August 2017 Edition 1
Sheriff Judd
Poinciana Happenings
School News
A Little Rain
Doesn’t Stop
Poinciana From
Having Fun!
organizing this extraordinary event of celebrating the freedoms that this great
nation cherish so deeply.
A special thank you to our Community Sponsors, First Service Residential and
Valencia College. Their generosity and support in Poinciana make wonderful
things happen for the residents of our amazing community.
he Independence Day Fireworks
Spectacular held on a rainy July
1st was a huge success despite
the rain. Umbrellas and rain hats
were the things to have on July 1st
in Poinciana. But that didn’t stop
the registered 1500 plus guests
that enjoyed a fun filled day of
entertainment and celebration.
The festivities began with our emcee for the day Carol Saragusa orchestrating
the events and introducing Santander Sparks, a trio of sisters who sang a
heartfelt rendition of our great Nations National Anthem.
Young and old alike danced and sang along with one of Poinciana’s favorite
bands LaCalle, and a welcomed new comer to Poinciana, Marcus Gullen
who versatile musical talents held everyone’s attention. Hand held flags were
proudly waving from the hands of children from one corner of the Activity
Campus to the other. Inside the Community Center the big screen displayed a
500+ photo slide show of all the fantastic events and activities held in the first
6 months of 2017. Each picture showed the faces of residents enjoying the
efforts of the LifeStyles team and appreciation
for what they have brought to the community.
The evening was topped off with a breathtaking
firework display by Pyrotecnico. The Poinciana
skyline was aglow with an astounding array
of explosions of light mixed with the sounds
of patriotic music. Spectators responded with
whistling, screaming and begging for more.
One resident said it best, when he said, “It was
like a 20-minute-long grand finale!”
We would like to thank the Association of
Poinciana Villages Board of Directors and of
course our LifeStyles Team for supporting and
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