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History was made in Poinciana on
July 3, 2014, at the “Family Fun
and Freedom Celebration. This event
was organized by APV Community
Association Manager Mark Maldonado,
with FirstService Residential. On that
day we, the residents, witnessed our
community coming together to celebrate
Independence Day as a diverse
community, showing a lot of love and
togetherness. The crowd was spectacular,
enjoying the entertainment, music,
food and beverages in a homey style
The preparation was done superbly, the staff did a fantastic job. The presence of
the sheriffs, bank representatives, elected officials, fire department, ambulance
service and other agencies let us feel that we are all important here in Poinciana.
This is the first Family Fun and Freedom Celebration in Poinciana and according
to the comments made from the residents during the celebration “we would like to
see this happen every year” and I agree. I would like to see the association make
this a yearly event, this would certainly get the community closer together and
help make this community a preferred place to live.
I personally want to thank all the APV staff and the FirstService Residential
management team, for changing Poinciana for the better. Let us all join in and
support the decision made by the APV in creating a new Poinciana Recreation
Center, run and operated by APV.
The membership fee has been reduced drastically in order to make it affordable
to the community. More activities will be introduced for the youth of this
community. Please stay informed. Lots of improvement is being done in the parks,
so that the kids will have more options in sports available to them. We want them
to be positively engaged, and I am sure it will keep them out of trouble, because
remember, that “the devil finds work for idle hands,” and we all know what that
Poinciana, with the leadership of FirstService Residential, coupled with APV
staff, APV Board of Directors and our community support, is moving in the right
direction, and we all will continue to see growth and the improvement in the
quality of life here in this community.
Regardless of what village you may hail from, you all are part of this community
of Poinciana. Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall.” We are all
neighbors. God bless us all.
August 2014 Edition 2
People of Poinciana
Sheriff Judd
Commissioner Arrington
Maria Nelly Carhuayo
Media Reporter
The Association of Poinciana Villages, Inc.
(APV) held its 238th birthday celebration of the
nation, on Thursday July 3, 2014, sponsored
by CenterState Bank, State Representative
Mike LaRosa, Poinciana Medical Center, Wells
Fargo, and Dr. Ivan Rivera. Over 1,000 people
gathered for this great celebration. Also present
were State Representative Ricardo Rangel and
the Poinciana board members.
There was live music performed by Downtown
Disney tropical band “La Calle” that put
everyone to dance. All in attendance enjoyed
this event which featured a bounce house,
games for the kids, hotdogs, chips and cotton
candy; some also took a selfie with Uncle Sam
and Betsy Ross. We are grateful to all who
sponsored this magnificent event.
La Asociación de Poinciana Villages, Inc.
(APV) celebro el 238 cumpleaños de la nación
el Jueves 3
de Julio. La
actividad fue
por Mike La
Rosa, de la
camera de
representante del estado de la Florida,
CenterState Bank, Poinciana Medical Center,
Wells Fargo, and Dr. Ivan Rivera. La actividad conto con una partipitipacion de
mil personas el cual se dieron cita en esta gran celebración. Además contamos
con la presencia de la camera representante del estado de la Florida Ricardo
Rangel y los miembros de su comunidad de Poinciana.
Amenizando las festividades estuvo presente la
agrupación “La Calle” quienes deleitaron con
sus liricas y ritmos poniendo a todos a bailar.
Todos los presentes se manifestaron su agrado
por la actividad relisada. Agradecemos a los
auspiciadores de esta actividad tan magnífico
Peter Jolly
Director of Village 1
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