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August 2017 Edition 2
APV Summer Camp
APV’s August Lineup
School Attendance Campaign
We Salute you!
So, to all of you boys and girls and young adults The Association of Poinciana
salutes you for all the hard work you do all year. You are our future and we
all believe it looks very bright. We also hope that you all made it to APV’s
Back to School Party on August 5th. We had a great turnout and it was great
to see everyone running and racing and enjoying this day that we dedicated
especially for you!
We are also proud to be able to announce that that the Association of
Poinciana Villages offered the new competition pool to local Poinciana schools
and they have accepted, now being able to offer and train swim teams for
competitions. In addition, we have a local
school that doesn’t have a gym using the
Mary Jane Arrington Building to be able
to place physical education into their
curriculum. And this is only the beginning
of what Poinciana will be able to offer the
youth of our community.
Be sure to sign up for APV email by going
to our Website, our
Facebook Page Association of Poinciana
Villages, or by using the form in this
publication. Email is the best way to hear
about everything in Poinciana. And if you
are on the go our APVcommunity app is
a great way to check in for events and
activities and a drove of other information.
ven though we live in this beautiful
sunny warm state, we all know that
summer is coming to an end when the
Kids go back to school. Both Osceola
County and Polk County students headed
back to school on August 10th. The
Association of Poinciana Villages would
like to acknowledge the hard work and
dedication of all the teachers of Osceola
and Polk County. The rewarding
profession that you have chosen can be
full of ups and downs and we all realize that, and want to commend each one
of you for being there for our children.
With that being said we want to dedicate this front page to our children. The
boys and girls who work so hard all year long learning and growing not
only in size but in mind. From the rst day of kindergarten to your Senior
year in high school you feel the pressure of succeeding and the pressure of
becoming all that you can be, when you don’t have any idea what it is you
want to be. You all work hard to pass tests and make your parents proud. You
work hard to become a good person that knows right from wrong. You work
hard at sports to keep your body strong, and to learn team work, trust and
honor. Some will diligently work on other talents like music and art. School
balanced with home life is made to produce well-rounded children and form
them into well rounded adults. But it
is the children that do the work. They
spend days paying attention, answering
questions, taking tests, and praying for
a good report card. In the evening, it
is homework and studying for the next
day’s challenges. As much as we hear
from adults “I wish I could go back to
those days.” and, “…those were the
days.” I believe if we really stopped and
thought about it, we would remember the
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