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The Association of Poinciana Villages, managed by FirstService Residential,
is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new website. Located at
the informational website is just one of the reflections
of the many recent and dynamic enhancements that are progressing within in the
Poinciana community.
The website is designed with a fresh and innovative design that matches the new
Association of Poinciana Villages logo being implemented around the community.
Easy-to-use and bold, the site serves up important information for individuals
interested in learning more about the Poinciana community. The goal of the new
site is to provide visitors and residents with an easier way to learn about the
Association of Poinciana Villages services, amenities, new developments, events
and more, and how residents can become more involved to better the community.
The website is navigable by the top menu, sorted into important categories,
including Living, Happenings, Business, Schools, Resources, Villages and
About Us.
The Living section of the website serves site visitors with APV Community Center
and the newly reopened Poinciana Recreation Center information. There one can
find hours of operation, contact information and membership rates. An activity
calendar for the community and recreation centers will be available for PDF
download on a monthly basis.
The Living section also includes information about Poinciana’s many parks and
fields, including hours of operation and locational information. Poinciana Clubs
are listed on the clubs page, with information on meeting times and locations.
Under the Happenings section of the new website, one can find an interactive
calendar with information on upcoming meetings and events. The events page of
the Happenings section shares recaps and pictures from Poinciana’s community-
wide events, such as the Family Fun
and Freedom Celebration, the Holiday
Parade and more.
Website visitors can also find
information about the Poinciana
Pioneer under the Happenings
section. They have the opportunity to
find contact information, to sign-up
to receive a free Poinciana Pioneer
subscription by physical delivery
and by email delivery in the near
future. There is also a link to read the
Poinciana Pioneer online.
The Business section of the website
delivers information about Poinciana
businesses under the Stores and
Services tab as well as the Dining
tab. The Stores and Services tab
categorizes businesses by topic so
visitors can find what they’re looking
for quickly and easily.
Another helpful and proactive section
September 2014 Edition 1
People of Poinciana
Sheriff Judd
Commissioner Dantzler
Association of Poinciana Villages
Launches Brand New Website
of the website is Resources. Here, visitors and residents can find information that
can help provide needed services and information. Under the Resources section,
the Emergency Preparedness tab delivers tips and information on preparing for
tropical storms, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Visit this page to learn
how to be ready in the event of a disaster, including knowing evacuation plans,
building 72-hour survival kits and prepping homes to reduce damage.
Also under the Resources section is information for both Polk and Osceola
County governmental services, including waste management and trash pickup
contact information. Important phone numbers for each county are listed under
the Government tab under Resources, including, but not limited to Animal
Control, Clerk of Courts, Building Permits, Tax Collector, Code Enforcement and
Roads and Bridges.
The Villages section of the website breaks out the Association of Poinciana
Village’s individual Villages. Learn about Village board members and view
where each Village is located in Poinciana.
The About Us section of the Association of Poinciana Villages website is the
resident’s key to learning more about the APV’s history, purpose and the APV
Board of Directors. While learning about Poinciana’s history, visitors can read
the Association of Poinciana’s core values and mission statement.
Under the APV Purpose tab, visitors can read the Association of Poinciana
Village’s charter. The Board of Directors tab indicates who is sitting on the
Association of Poinciana Villages’ board at the current time.
In the Newsroom, media and interested parties alike can read press releases
and media alerts on news, events and happenings within the community.
The new Association of Poinciana Villages website was created to deliver easy-
to-understand, and valuable information about the Poinciana community. The
visual layout of the new site is clean, modern and mirrors the advances and
enhancements taking place within the community.
Take some time to explore the new website – it’s mobile friendly too! Periodically
check back to see new developments and stay up-to-date on APV and the
Poinciana community.
After visiting the new website, come “Like” us on Facebook! The Association of
Poinciana Villages also has a Facebook page for individuals to view pictures,
find out about meeting and event information, and more.
The Association of Poinciana Villages is going digital – and all are invited to
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