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September 2016 Edition 1
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Front Yard
ince we began the ‘Poinciana Beautiful’ Project over 3 months ago the
association has seen a dramatic drop in homeowner violations by just
over 20% and a vastly marked increase in compliance in all key areas as
homeowners are taking pride in the appearance of their property. I have
recently received several letters from homeowners that are very pleased with the
recent improvements made by their neighbors to their home exterior which has
seemingly brought about renewed neighborhood pride that has spread rapidly
across all Association Villages. For this I thank each homeowner for taking the
time to care and assist us all in this community beautification that is placing
Poinciana on the central Florida map as place of positive distinction and pride!
Thus far, we now have 100 homes within the Association that have met the
guidelines of the ‘Poinciana Front Yard Beautification Project’ and will continue
to add dozens more over the next several months. Our diligent compliance staff
has really taken pride in ownership of this project as they take expert photos
and catalog notes about each of the homes that meet the high standards of
excellence towards the beautification goals of this project.
I am very excited about joining with you, as a team, in this new Poinciana
beautification project that I feel confident will bring about both increased pride
and greater perceived property values within our community. This beautification
project, if successful, will become another key step towards further making our
villages a united community of distinction in central Florida.
The ‘Poinciana Front Yard Beautification Project’ is a simple, yet highly effective
program that only requires partnership from you to bring eye-catching
beauty to our community. We are going to award and promote within our
APV LIFESTYLE Magazines, those homes that win our monthly ‘Poinciana Best
Front Yard’ contest. First, to qualify for ‘APV Best Front Yard’ each month, our
compliance officers touring the community will be on the lookout for homes
within the Association of Poinciana Villages that meet the following criteria:
1.) The exceptional and unique front yard beautification of a home that is an
iconic example of what we aspire to for our entire community.
2.) A home whose exterior lot is in 100% compliance with the Association of
Poinciana documents concerning such. We will also consider digital images of
the front yard of an APV home via email that also comes with a unique front
yard beautification idea.
The beautification idea must meet the community documents standards. The
Homeowner or Resident of the winning ‘APV Best Front Yard’ award will be
provided the following considerations in appreciation of their commitment
towards the beautification of our community:
1.) An elegant yard sign will be posted within their yard announcing their award
for ‘Poinciana Best Front Yards’.
2.) An article within APV LIFESTYLE Magazine and monthly community e-blast
of your special tips on how to recreate the beauty of your front yard, along with
photos of you, your family and your home’s exterior.
3.) 3 months of complimentary landscaping services for your home from one of
our sponsoring professional landscape companies. I would like to thank those
residents who chose to participate in this beautification project. FirstService
Residential takes pride in partnership alongside homeowners on all properties
that we manage. The Poinciana Beautification Project is just one way we can
ensure that you, as the homeowner, are recognized for your efforts in maintaining
your property and, in turn, receive the full benefit of your property investment.
I know that the entire Association of Poinciana Villages will reap great rewards
and benefits from this beautification project as we partner together to make our
community the best place to live in central Florida!
As always, I am very grateful and proud to be of service to every resident of
this great community.
Mark Maldonado
General Manager
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