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September 2017 Edition 1
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Poinciana: A successful community
In 2015 the manager of APV, Mark Maldonado, approached Osceola
Commissioner Brandon Arrington with a request for grants to renovate
Vance Harmon Park, one of the oldest parks in Poinciana. After several
months of discussions and negotiations, Osceola County offered a Federal
grant for park restoration. With Mark Maldonado and Commissioner
Arrington working side by side, they were able to form a partnership
between Osceola County and the Association of Poinciana Villages Board
of Directors to make this dream become a reality. The Board of Directors
voted and approved the additional funding needed to transform this
amazing park into a showpiece for Poinciana. The park will bring people
from outside of Poinciana in to see the transformation of this once sleeping
Phase 2 of the renovations to Vance Harmon Park will bring to the
community dogs parks, refurbished sporting elds, tennis and basketball
courts, and updated playgrounds to keep our children not only occupied
but safe. In addition, an outdoor amphitheater will bring concerts
and movies for the enjoyment of the young and the young at heart in
This year, the partnerships formed
between The Association of
Poinciana Villages with the Special
Olympics, U1st Sports, Florida State
University Cooperative Extension,
and Kissimmee Scuba Shop have
proven that Poinciana is jumping
with activities. In addition, local Poinciana Schools will now be able to
form competitive swim teams by using the Mary Jane Arrington Gym and
Aquatic Center competition pool for training and meets. Schools without
a gymnasium are also using the Mary Jane Arrington Gymnasium to add
physical education to their curriculum. The entire Vance Harmon Park is
owned solely by The Association of Poinciana Villages and its members.
This is an amazing investment in Poinciana and its future. Figures are
showing that the membership fees and concession stands are bringing in
substantial contributions to cover a large part of the cost to maintain these
new amenities.
This article discusses just a few of the many wonderful new programs and
amenities in Poinciana, and gives you an overview
of the amazing work that management, on behalf
of the Association of Poinciana Board of Directors,
is doing in the background to enhance and make
Poinciana all that it can be and more. Also, that
is can take several years to bring these major
projects to completion. Be watching for the October
1st edition of the Pioneer where we will let you
know our goals for the future of Poinciana.
wning a home is one of the most important investments an individual
can make. Owning a home in a community that is ever growing and
changing secures an investment that will grow in worth. Poinciana is one of
those communities.
In the past 5 years the changes in the infrastructure of Poinciana are
astounding. The management company, FirstService Residential, under the
direct guidance of The Association of Poinciana Villages Board of Directors,
has transformed this community from a place where residents came home to
eat and sleep, into a community full of activities and exciting changes.
In 2014 management, with the blessing of
the Board of Directors, went to the county
to request grant money to build a Pocket
Park in Village 5. The cost to build Andrew’s
Park was $147,000.00 and the Association
of Poinciana Villages is proud to say that
it was totally paid for with a government
grant requested by current management.
APV owns the property that this park was
built on, and named and dedicated this
park to a young boy who lost his life in a tragic accident.
In 2015 residents began to see the results
of two years of planning taking place
in the community. Poinciana nally had
a community pool and a beautiful new
community center with a grand ballroom,
a tness center and a remodeled indoor,
regulation basketball court.
The LifeStyles Program was introduced to the community in 2016 to assure
that all the new facilities would be utilized to the fullest. The LifeStyles
Team works diligently to provide fun and family oriented activities and
events. Poinciana has seen its rst 4th of July reworks shows, rst formal
Gala for the residents, regular Friday night Bingo, professional on-stage
performances, viewing parties, swimming and scuba lessons as well as bus
excursions. These are just a few of the ways this program has enhanced
the lifestyles of the residents of Poinciana.
The Poinciana Beauti cation Project was introduced
by APV in 2016, giving residents the incentive to
boost up their curb appeal. This projects not only
increases property values for those who participate
but also for their neighbors, and it shows Poinciana
in its best light. It has taken on a life of its own as
we continue to receive nominations for the 2017
Awards Gala scheduled in 2018. In addition, APV
designated its own beauti cation team to give the
buildings and the surrounding berms much-needed
color and updates.
The highly-anticipated and long-awaited Poinciana Parkway opened in
2016. According to news reports this alone could boost property prices in
Poinciana by 25%.
After learning the homeowners in Village 7 were in need of a rehouse,
The Association of Poinciana Villages Board of Directors donated the land
for it to be built. Residents went to Polk County and demonstrated the need
for a village 7 rehouse and succeeded. We are proud to announce the
Village 7 rehouse will have its grand opening in early fall.
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