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September 2017 Edition 2
Annual APV Meeting
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Sheriff Judd
Residents Can Make A Difference
he Poinciana residents in village 7 and 8, will soon have the peace of mind
of knowing that a fire station is just a few short minutes away. Although the
Village 7 fire station will be open sooner, the ribbon cutting ceremony is slated
for October 15th at 11:00 am.
Up until now the nearest fire station was located at 1201 Cypress Pkwy in
Poinciana. Far away from the farthest point in Poinciana, villages 7 and 8. It
sometimes took over 20 minutes for an emergency vehicle to reach these two
villages. Precious minutes that felt like hours when facing a fire or emergency.
Consequently, the homeowner insurance policies of these Poinciana residents
sky-rocketed to over double in some instances.
In early 2016 concerned residents took to the streets with petitions and to Polk
County Commissioners with the results and plead their case. The Association
of Poinciana Villages was willing to donate the land needed for the fire
station, if Polk County would agree to cover the construction cost. Construction
started on the fire station early in 2017, and we are thrilled to say we were
contacted, by the County regarding the ribbon cutting scheduled in October.
This is a perfect example of citizens taking a stand and doing the work to
make changes in the community. When residents join for a common goal
and take that plan up thru the proper channels…anything is possible. Public
Officials take a much harder look when approached by the community
residents, rather than a HOA, as public officials work for the residents not for
the HOA’s.
Earlier this summer residents came to the APV Community Awareness
Committee meeting held on the third Tuesday of every month, and expressed
their concerns regarding the rampant use of ATVs in the community. The
committee in turn contacted the Polk County Sheriffs to come to the next
meeting and speak to residents. Residents explained with pictures and
video how these ATVs were destroying property, peace and the safety of the
residents. After the Sheriffs advised the residents how to report these instances
and who and when to contact, the use of these ATVs has diminished greatly.
In addition, residents found that it was a great feeling to become part of the
solution rather than part of the problem. The APV had contacted authorities on
numerous occasions regarding ATVs complaints but it wasn’t until the residents
themselves joined in partnership with authorities that it was resolved.
So, congratulations to both groups of residents. With their effort and
perseverance, and by going through the proper channels, they made amazing
things happen.
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