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October 2017 Edition 1
Poinciana Happenings
Osceola Commissioner
Annual Budget Presentation
After the
On social media, it was
heartwarming to hear that the
Poinciana community united to
help one another. Before the storm
residents were offering to help others
with boarding up their homes. Others
offered to pick up supplies for those
who could not make it to the store. If
one resident had wood and another
had nails, they found each other and
shared their resources. Once the
storm had passed, you began to see
offers of ice, warm food, or a place
to take a hot shower for residents
without electricity from ones that were
fortunate enough never to have lost
it. In the days following, the residents
first to have electricity restored were
offering their assistance to ones
still waiting. Neighbors offered
neighbors help with clean-up of
branches and debris or to tarp their
Ironically, this horrific storm that
covered our state from coast to
coast happened on the same day
that 16 years ago the lives of 2977
were taken by a senseless act of
terrorism. Following that horrible day,
our nation saw an unprecedented
number of citizens from every race,
creed, and origin uniting to comfort
one another and to grieve together.
Maybe Irma was a reminder for us as
to how valuable we are, and can be,
to each other.
ith Hurricane Irma behind
us, we see the hardships that
come after a storm of this magnitude.
Compared to some communities
across the rest of the state, we were
fortunate. Our hearts and help go out
to residents of Village 9 who appear
to have the worst damage with some
homes a total loss.
After a request from Polk County
FEMA, the APV Activity Campus
was made a Point of Distribution for
emergency food and water. Together
with volunteers, some from our
local branch of CenterState Bank,
churches, the Boys and Girls Club
and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office,
APV staff was able to supply families
in both counties with two cases of
water and a box of emergency Ready
Meals. An estimated 70,000 boxes of
food and 50,000 cases of water were
distributed to our community and
beyond. Also following the storm, an
area business, METAO Bakery, came
to Poinciana and handed out loaves
of bread, ice and water.
The Association of Poinciana Villages
was honored with an impromptu visit
from Florida House Representative
Mike La Rosa on Sept 13th. He
met with General Manager Mark
Maldonado and his staff to assess
damages and offer his support in
whatever is needed in Poinciana. In
an excerpt from a recent APV press
release, Representative La Rosa said:
“I just want the people of Poinciana
to know that I care and we are
ready to assist however we can in
helping them get their lives back to
normal after Hurricane Irma,” said
Representative La Rosa. “If anyone
has questions on how to proceed,
please contact my office at 407-891-
2555 or email me at Mike.LaRosa@
myfloridahouse.gov “
Many Poinciana Residents found
themselves without power for close
to a week, while Duke Energy was
reported to have replaced almost
3000 poles, 950 miles of wire, and
more than 1100 transformers across
the state after the storm.
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