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October 2018 Edition 1
Commissioner Arrington
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Sheriff Judd
What does your APV Assessment
Pay For?
second annual Adult Prom, where we crowned this year’s Prom King and
Queen. The building is also available to rent for private events.
Roadway mowing is another service that is covered by your assessments.
Medians and grassy areas surrounding roadways are maintained by the
APV Public Works Department. Assessments also pay for street lighting in
the common areas, roadways and near homes, as well as management and
operations of APV. This includes paying APV staff members, performing
maintenance on service vehicles, and supporting local programs.
Residents who have questions about their annual assessments are encouraged
to call the APV Administrative Office at (863) 427-0900. Our friendly and
knowledgeable staff is available and ready to assist with your needs. Below is
a full list of services covered by your annual assessment.
• Duke Energy: for all street lighting and pole maintenance. In addition, all
electricity in common areas, buildings or amenities owned by APV.
• Toho Water Authority: for water usage in all buildings, amenities and pools.
• Maintenance and upkeep of all of Poinciana’s park equipment, buildings,
common areas, pools and amenities.
• Roadside maintenance and mowing of more than 180 miles of roadway.
• Cleaning of over 134 miles of swales and canals.
• Employees’ wages, health insurance, etc.
• Litter clean up on roadways and common areas.
• APV-sponsored activities and events.
• Legal fees.
• Purchase and maintenance of all APV vehicles that hold the APV official
logo. If there is no logo then it is not paid for with your dues. Gas,
insurance and maintenance of all APV vehicles.
• Purchase and maintenance of all equipment and heavy machinery used
by APV’s Public Works Dept.
• Purchase and maintenance of equipment in the fitness center.
• Taxes and insurance on all APV-owned buildings.
• Yearly contracts for Management, Public Relations, IT Company, postal
service and machines, printers and copiers, and other office equipment.
• Office cleaning, supplies and maintenance.
• Independent auditor to do rigorous studies of the financials of APV. In
addition, the auditor reports to the Board any mismanagement of funds
or improper financial activities of APV management.
• Pays APV to honor and uphold the covenant and deed of restrictions set
forth in the official APV documents.
ach year, the Association of Poinciana Villages carefully prepares and discusses
a new budget for the following year. The budget is presented at the October
Master Board meeting, which is open to all APV homeowners. The final budget is
voted on by the APV Master Board, and determines the annual assessment that is
charged to each homeowner in our community.
These annual assessments enable APV to maintain and make improvements
to owner services, new amenities and facilities, social and recreational
programs, community pools, and several enhancements to APV common
areas and maintenance services. In order to keep assessments as low as
possible, the APV Master Board, Management and staff consistently work
to defray costs by securing grants, seeking sponsorships and renting APV
buildings for private events. Just this year alone, APV staff has signed many
new sponsors, including our corporate sponsor New Homes Innovation Group
and our community sponsors Poinciana Medical Center, Valencia College,
Tuscany Preserve, CenturyLink, and our newest sponsors WellCare, Florida
Medicare Options and Re/Max Pioneer.
The APV Board and staff work diligently every day to make Poinciana one of
the best places to live in Central Florida by making improvements to existing
amenities and systems and adding new ones, such as the recently completed
Vance Harmon Park, the APV Activity Campus and the Anthony DePalma
Community Building.
One of our community’s largest and most impressive new amenities in 2018
has been Phase II of Vance Harmon Park, which officially opened in March
of this year. Thanks to a joint partnership between APV and Osceola County,
Phase II of Vance Harmon Park included renovations to the football and
softball fields, two new outdoor basketball courts, two playgrounds, a dog
park and an amphitheater. The park’s amphitheater has already gotten a
lot of use serving as the site of our Memorial Day ceremony and our 2018
Independence Day Fireworks Spectacular.
Since Vance Harmon and several other community parks and recreation
facilities are available for everyone in Poinciana to enjoy, a portion of your
assessment goes toward park upkeep. This includes mowing the lawn, pest
control, weed control and park building maintenance for all the parks of
The annual assessments also enabled APV to create and build our LifeStyles
Department, which produces incredible events and activities throughout the
year. From our highly-popular Easter Egg Drop, to lighting up the skies for
Independence Day, to our much anticipated Halloween Trunk or Treat and
Christmas Parade coming up later this year.
Additionally, the annual assessments support APV’s many community centers,
including the Anthony DePalma Building. Earlier this year, renovations were
made to the building’s floors, windows, walls, lighting, restrooms and kitchen.
Renovations were also performed on the building’s exterior, to conform with
the other buildings in the APV Activity Campus. Shortly after these impressive
updates were completed, the Anthony DePalma Building was used for our
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