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October 2017 Edition 2
Poinciana Happenings
Halloween Trunk or Treat
Sheriff Judd
Vance Harmon
Phase Two
ith the fantastic things that have happened since
the completion of Phase 1 of the Vance Harmon
Enhancement Project, we can only imagine what lies ahead
for Poinciana, once Phase 2 has been completed. Excitement
is certainly growing at the administrative offices of the
Association of Poinciana Villages as the time for another
Grand Opening in Poinciana draws near.
Due to the hurricane that tore through Central Florida a
month ago, the expected opening may be delayed by a
couple of weeks, but right now everything is pointing to an
opening by the end of the year. The contractors are feverishly
working to make that happen, despite Mother Nature’s
If you are driving past the park on Cypress Parkway, you
can’t help but notice the cinderblocks being placed to build
Poinciana’s new Amphitheater. This is a very exciting part
of the enhancement of Vance Harmon Park, as it will bring
additional entertainment options to the community. Area
schools are excited to have this new venue for concerts and
theatrical performances. Additionally, APV is working to
put together a seasonal concert series, where residents and
neighbors can bring their lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy
entertainment of every genre. And, a perfect place for our
Family Movie nights! Such exciting things to look forward to,
and such a wonderful way to enhance the LifeStyles of our
For the many pet lovers in Poinciana, perhaps the most
exciting aspect of Phase 2 is the new Vance Harmon Dog
Park. The only dog park presently in Poinciana is the one
located at the Poinciana Park in Village 7. This park has a
tremendous amount of use year-round and is a very popular
hangout for our four-legged friends. Dog parks are a
necessity for any large community such as ours and provide
a place where responsible pet owners can bring their dogs to
exercise and play in a safe area. Here they can run free and
meet some of their furry friends and four-legged neighbors,
all while their human friends can get to
know each other and share the common
interest of their love of animals. The park
will have separate areas for large and small
dogs, making it an enjoyable experience for
APV residents who have a love of sports
will appreciate the improved sporting fields
and courts. Youth Football teams have been
displaced during this renovation and have
been utilizing area school fields for games
and the Poinciana back yard area by the
pool for their practices. For the coaches
as well as the players, being back on their
new and improved home turf will be a great
relief. Basketball is a huge part of the lifestyles of Poinciana
residents, and the courts at Vance Harmon have always been
among the most popular places to shoot hoops. The new and
improved courts will be a welcomed addition to the Park.
We mustn’t forget our littlest residents of Poinciana, and for
them, the enhanced playground is going to be filled with
squeals of joy as they run, race and play on the renovated
and new equipment that Vance Harmon will offer.
As you can see, Phase 2 has something for everyone.
Whether you are a four-legged furry resident, a music and
entertainment lover, a sports fanatic or a little one who just
wants to have fun, the new and improved Vance Harmon
Park will be a perfect fit for all to enjoy.
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