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October 2018 Edition 2
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APV Association Notices
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t APV, we do our best to answer the questions of our residents in a
timely manner, while providing them all the information they need
to resolve an issue. In an effort to offer additional assistance, we’ve also
compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.
We hope you will nd this FAQ informative and helpful.
Q: Do I need a permit from APV to do work on my home?
A: Anything that you do to the exterior of your property needs a permit
from the Association of Poinciana Villages Design Control Board, with
the exception of landscaping. Examples of this include, but are not
limited to:
• Painting
• Roofing
• Additions
• Concrete work
• Sheds / gazebos / screen rooms
• Fencing
When in doubt, please call the Design Control Board at (863) 427-
0900, ext. 609.
Q: Who cleans and maintains the ditches in front of my
A: The ditches in the front of your property are the responsibility of the
county in which you reside--either Polk or Osceola. If you feel that your
ditch line needs attention you should contact your county’s of ce, who
can then send someone out to inspect it. On occasion, the County will
hire the Association of Poinciana Villages’ Public Works Department
to rectify the problem. Keep in mind-- Public Works can only clean the
ditches upon the request of the County.
Q: When will I know how much my yearly assessment fee
will be?
A: Every resident will receive a statement in November/December of
each year regarding yearly assessments for the following year.
Q: How is the yearly assessment determined?
A: Management will submit a budget at the October meeting of
the Board of Directors. The board either votes the budget in or asks
management for revisions. In addition, management holds a special
meeting for all the members of the Association of Poinciana Villages to
present the budget before the Board of Directors meeting. This year’s
October board meeting is being held on September 26, at 7:00 p.m. at
the APV Community Center.
Q: Why do I have to pay these assessments and where
does the money go?
You pay assessments because every homeowner in Poinciana owns a
portion of everything that is owned by the Association. The buildings, the
amenities, the landscaping, the playgrounds, the sporting elds, etc. are
all part of the yearly budget. Your assessments pay for your portion of
the budget. Every property owner pays the same amount—assessments
have nothing to do with your house or property value.
Q: When are yearly assessment payments due?
A: Your yearly assessments are due on January 1 of each year and are
considered late and incur additional fees after March 15 of each year.
Q: Why do I have to pay to use the community pools
if I am already a member of Association of Poinciana
A: The Board of
Directors determined
that since everyone has
a choice whether to use
the pools or not, the
people who do use the
pools pay a small fee
that helps to defray the
cost of maintaining the
If you have a question
or concern, please do
not hesitate to reach
out. We are here to
assist you. For a list
of departments and
contact information,
visit our website at
Your Frequently Asked Questions
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