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NOVEMBER 10, 2014
The Association of Poinciana Villages invites residents to join them in celebrating the recognition of Poinciana
Veterans at the Veterans Day Celebration. The event, taking place on November 10, 2014 at 11 a.m., will be
hosted at the Poinciana Veterans’ Memorial, located at 401 Walnut Street in Poinciana.
The celebration will include introductions and recognition of Veterans from all U.S. military branches. A list of
distinguished speakers will honor these men and woman who valiantly stepped forward in defense of this nation
and it’s ideals.
The Poinciana Veterans’ Memorial stands as a permanent tribute to men and women who have served the United
States with bravery and dignity. The Memorial presents the flag of the United States of America, Florida State flag,
Osceola and Polk county flags, and the Association of Poinciana Villages flag, as well as flags for all military
branches including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Prisoners of War.
Join the Association of Poinciana Villages, the Poinciana Veterans Club and the rest of the community to pay
respect and honor these American heroes. A light lunch will be served immediately following the event.
November 2014 Edition 1
School News
Sheriff Judd
People of Poinciana
Residents of Poinciana now have the opportunity to hold
a wealth of community information in the palms of their
hands! The Association of Poinciana Villages, managed by
FirstService Residential, has officially launched their mobile
app, available for iPhone and Android devices.
The Poinciana mobile app gives users quick, convenient
access to happenings, events, and contact information
relevant and helpful to residents and visitors of Poinciana
alike. Available by searching “Poinciana Community” on
either Apple’s App Store or Google Play, the mobile app
can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.
Society is moving quickly towards becoming predominantly
mobile. 82% of adults own a mobile cellphone and 91%
of those adults have their mobile device within arms reach
24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Poinciana mobile
app will provide community information instantaneously
and become a valuable tool in the daily lives of Poinciana
The mobile app features a clean, easy-to-navigate layout, styled after the Poinciana
Website (
). First and foremost is a large button navigating
users to the Poinciana Pioneer. Here, mobile app visitors can read current issues of the
Poinciana Pioneer online, as well as review past issues.
The navigation grid is broken out into twelve options: Events, Public Safety, Resources,
Recreation, Businesses, Dining, Entertainment, Messages, Facebook, Share, Contact
Us and Get Involved.
The Events section of the mobile app updates residents and visitors on upcoming
festivals, parades and other exciting community events put on by the Association of
Poinciana Villages.
In the Public Safety section, users will find critical contact information for emergency
departments such as the police and fire departments. As Poinciana grows and
develops new and innovative public safety services, this tab will provide crucial
details on how to keep families safe and happy.
A list of important resources for residents of both Osceola and Polk Counties can be
found under the Resources section of the new mobile app. Here, users are able to
locate contact information for county services including trash and recycling, health
and wellness and other governmental amenities.
Find out what is available recreationally through the Recreation button on the mobile
app. Here, operating hours for the Poinciana Recreation Center, local parks and the
Community Center may be accessed. As the Association of Poinciana Villages moves
forward on the construction of the new swimming pool, more details will be provided
here as well.
The Businesses tab is home to a detailed list of businesses located in Poinciana.
Mobile app users looking for a car wash, grocery store or cell phone provider can
find the contact information of a close store here.
Under the Dining section, residents and visitors can browse what dining options are
available here in Poinciana. New restaurants will be added to the list as they open to
the public.
Looking for something fun to do? The Entertainment tab lists nearby options for
movies, bowling and more.
It’s easy to get connected with the Messages and Facebook tabs. Through the
Messages tab, users will receive updates on things happening within Poinciana. The
Facebook tab takes users straight to the Association of Poinciana Villages’ Facebook
fan page, where pictures, event updates and community news is regularly posted.
“Like” the Association of Poinciana Villages on Facebook to stay connected.
The Share section of the mobile app allows users to tell others about the Poinciana
Mobile application. Share the app with family and friends and help connect the
Poinciana community.
If users have a question about the community or just want to get in contact with the
Association of Poinciana Villages staff, they can do so through the Contact Us section.
A direct message will be sent to staff, who will get back in touch with users as soon as
Users interested in helping out by volunteering at Association of Poinciana Villages
events or gatherings can get more information through the Get Involved tab.
The Poinciana mobile app is a great way to stay connected with the Poinciana
community. Up-to-date information and community details are available at the tips of
resident’s fingers.
Download the Poinciana mobile app today by searching “Poinciana Community” on
the Apple App Store or Google Play and get connected today!
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