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November 2016 Edition 1
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Osceola County
Sheriff’s Office
Mobile App
t the October 11th Board of Directors Meeting, our guest speaker
Dpt. Angel Beltran introduced to our community the new app
from the Osceola County Sheriff Department in order to provide
additional tools of communication between the Sheriff’s office and
our community. This app is available on Iphones in the App Store and
Android devices in the Apps section of the Google Play Store
This app allows you to submit tips anonymously or with your contact
information by clicking the “Tips” button on the application. You are
asked to provide the type of tip, choose location of the occurrence or
use your phones GPS location at that time, describe the activity being
reported as best as possible. You can even provide a picture as there
is a camera link within the tip submit screen. It also allows residents to
learn about current job postings and volunteer opportunities.
The FAQ icon button lists frequently asked questions about specific
processes or topics that will be useful to the general public. Some of
the other icon’s that are also available are the SEX OFFENDERS icon
which will take you to a list of all sex offenders registered withinOsceola
County. This option is used in conjunction with the GPS setting/device
on your Smartphone. If your GPS location services are enabled you
will be able to see registered sex offenders near your current location.
The WANTED icon where you will find a list of current wanted subjects,
and you will be able to select a person from the list to learn more about
their warrants/charges. The UNSOLVED icon here you will be able
to see a list of cold cases that have been unsolved to date. You will be
able to select a person from the list to learn more about their cases
and assist the police with any information that you may have. The
SCHOOLS icon will provide you with a list of High schools and Middle
Schools and their assigned SRO’s and the ability to send them an
anonymous tip on such things as bullying, guns/weapons on campus
and any fights or other
incidents that may take
place on campus. The
SAFETY TIPS icon list
several safety tips on
several topics such that
are described on the
Sheriff’s Office web
page, Residential and
Apartment Complex
safety, Credit Card
Fraud and Work Place
Violence safety tips.
icon allows users to
access social media
links to the Sheriff’s
Office Facebook and
Twitter sires, as well
as other local law
enforcement agency
social media sites. The WEB LINKS icon allows users to access various
resources through links to websites. Groups of specific types of links
have been created to ease of use and quick recognition. The main
link on this page is to the Sheriff’s Office website. The NEWS icon
allows the Sheriff’s Office to upload all press releases or other News
worthy stories or events that need to be shared with the public. The
CONTACT US icon allows the app user to quickly access frequently
used number within the Sheriff’s Office. It also allows for quick email
access if there is an email associated with the contact listed.
Other link groups include;
• Emergency Preparedness
• Sheriff’s Office Youth Programs
• Sheriff’s Office Adult Programs
• Crimeline link
• Local Govt. links
• Federal and Local Law Enforcement Partners links.
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