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November 2018 Edition 1
Commissioner Arrington
Protect your property
Sheriff Judd
2019 Budget Approved
It is through the Association of Poinciana Villages’ annual assessments that we
are able to continue to maintain and enhance our many community amenities,
parks and programs for everyone in Poinciana to enjoy. These annual
assessments also enable APV to maintain and make improvements to owner
services, and enhancements to APV common areas and maintenance services.
In order to keep assessments as low as possible, the APV Master Board,
FirstService Residential and staff consistently work to defray costs by securing
grants and seeking sponsorships. Just this year alone, APV staff has signed on
nine sponsors, including New Homes Innovation Group, Poinciana Medical
Center, Valencia College, Tuscany Preserve, RE/MAX PIONEER, WellCare,
Florida Medicare Options, Century Link FirstService Residential, and Larsen
and Associates. In addition, the renting out of APV buildings for private events,
memberships to our fitness center and pools, brought non-assessment income in
the amount of $310,661.00 for 2018.
n the peaceful community of Broadmoor Estates
in Village 9, the close-knit residents enjoy many
gatherings at their clubhouse on Boscobel Drive.
I had the pleasure of meeting with Village 9
Board of Director Gary Martin at this beautiful
clubhouse. When you walk through the front
door you are greeted with the most amazing
memorial to honor all who have served our
great nation.
The memorial was graced with dozens of pictures
of the residents that lived in Broadmoor Estates
and who had served in the armed forces. Gary
went on to explain that the memorial had been
donated to the community by Home Depot as a
community project in 2011.
He and his wife Carolyn could see that the weather had not been kind to
this memorial that was originally erected outside, behind the clubhouse.
They knew that something had to be done or it would be lost forever. This past
year they purchased two very large shadow boxes to start restoration of the
memorial, carefully removing all the pictures, and placing them in their new
place of honor. That is when they called in their friend and community “go-to
guy” John Paul Quinones to give them a hand in building a frame to place the
shadow boxes in so that they could be displayed. The finished product was
a piece to be proud of! Mr. Quinones, an electrician by trade, was quick to
place spotlights above the memorial which gave it the perfect finishing touch.
Need A Heading
he Master Board of the Association of Poinciana Villages is pleased
to announce that the 2019 operating budget has been approved.
The budget was presented and voted on at APV’s October 9 board
meeting and passed with a final vote of 5 to 2. The Board is happy
to report that our community’s annual homeowner assessment fee will
remain unchanged at $276 per lot. That means that even with the recent
enhancements made to owner services, the development of new amenities
and facilities, added social and recreational programs and improvements
to APV common areas and maintenance services, homeowners will not be
required to pay more.
Any resident who is interested in receiving a copy of the approved budget
may visit the APV Administration Office. All financials are also available 10
days after a written request is received by the association.
Carolyn said that they have added five pictures to the memorial that was
designed to easily slide out for just that reason and there is space for five
more pictures. “And if we get more than five we will just build another one,”
Mr. Martin said.
This memorial will be the center of attention at the community’s Veteran’s Day
Ceremony on November 11 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at the clubhouse.
Patriotism runs deep in Poinciana and it shows in Broadmoor Estates and in
the hearts of Gary, Carolyn and John Paul.
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