November 2017 Edition 2 - page 1

November 2017 Edition 2
Trunk or Treat Photos
Parade Entry Form
Sheriff Judd
The Association’s
2nd Annual
Halloween Trunk
or Treat
seeing all the kids and their smiles. This is what it’s all about!” Rebecca was
dressed up as a ghostly witch, with her table to match.
But the best was yet to come for these little tricksters. At the end of the candy
line each child was given a ticket which entered him or her to win one of our
fantastic prizes, including games and sports equipment, and a beautiful pink
bike and blue bike.
The prizes were not provided by APV but they were donated by two wonderful
couples that are residents of Poinciana. Harry and Donna Severson donated
all the sporting prizes, and Joel and Andrea Haugh donated the bicycles. The
arrival of the Polk County Fire Rescue Station 670 was a big surprise for our
tricksters, they enjoyed interacting with the firefighters and EMTs. We want to
thank them for putting smiles on the children’s faces.
To top it off, the Trunk or Treat was not the only event at the Activity Campus
that evening. Over at the gymnasium, the DJ was rocking his music and light
show and the goblins were all dancing at the Family Harvest Dance. Prizes
were given out for best costume and a treat trail sponsored by APV LifeStyles
Team and the Poinciana Ladies club was adding goodies to everyone’s trick or
treating adventure.
How truly blessed we
are to have such a
great community that
comes together to make
children smile.
The Association’s
Board of Directors
thanks each and every
resident who helped to
make this evening such
a grand success.
his year’s Poinciana Trunk or Treat and
Family Harvest Dance was a huge success
with over 1,700 residents in attendance.
What was originally planned as our annual
trunk or treat turned into a ‘table and treat’
when Mother Nature decided that rain was
needed. But, as we have learned in the past,
a little rain does not stop Poinciana. Tables
in the Community Center that are usually
used for our popular Friday night Bingo were
transformed into Halloween pieces of art by
the time they were all decorated. Children lined up at the door promptly at 6
o’clock to start their Halloween march through the tables.
There was a table decorated as the Nightmare Before Christmas complete
with all the characters, and another was everything a witch could possibly
have including a witch guarding it while she passed out candy to the line of
children. In one corner of the room there was a cage with a very disturbed
looking prisoner inside. While talking to the residents that set up tables it was
said over and over “This is great! So much fun, and we all enjoyed seeing
how much fun all the children
had!” Village 1 resident Rebecca
Sage commented, “This is my
second year participating in this
event. Last year I had 1,500
pieces of candy and ran out
before it was over. This year I
had 2,000 pieces of candy and I
just have a handful left. I learned
from last year, one piece per
child. But it is worth it, I so enjoy
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