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November 2018 Edition 2
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APV Association Notices
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or many years, the Association of Poinciana Villages has been proud
to sponsor and support many of our wonderful community groups and
sports teams. This support is made possible through our community’s annual
assessment dues, which cover the cost of facility maintenance and upkeep,
utility fees, such as lighting the elds, insurance, staf ng, and much more.
The APV Master Board of Directors looks forward to continuing to provide
this much-needed support to our beloved community organizations and
has recently enacted new guidelines for determining sponsorships and free
usage of facilities in order to ensure that all money going out is well spent
and that we provide more transparency to our residents.
At the June 12th Board of Directors meeting, these new guidelines were
voted on and pertain to ALL groups who request APV sponsorships or usage
of APV facilities, regardless of past agreements. The intent of this change is
to provide a clear set of guidelines and criteria to be used for all sponsorship
funds moving forward. For groups who wish to request use of APV facilities at
a reduced cost, or even free of charge, they must submit a written application
so that the Board can review their request and quali cations. That way, all
groups are using the same application process and the Board is able to
better evaluate them. Under the new procedure, groups sponsored by APV
can receive funds or use an APV facility for free, but not both.
All organizations, whether they are a local sports team, nonpro t
organization or school, will be asked to follow the same application process
when requesting use of APV facilities. We have already had multiple schools
and organizations in Poinciana happily ll out the sponsorship request
forms and they have already been approved for either sponsorship dollars
or the use of APV facilities for free. Additionally, there are also schools
currently using the gym that are paying the rental fee.
Organizations that are interested in applying for a sponsorship must
meet the following criteria and submit the appropriate documents as
outlined below. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff in the APV Lifestyles
Department is available to answer any questions about this criteria and the
new procedure.
• Must be a deeded homeowner at the Association of Poinciana Villages.
• Be designated as a not-for-profit organization by the state of Florida.
• Registered in active status at The Division of Corporations of the state of
• Subject to a criminal background check requested by APV.
• Provide detailed budget of said organization.
• Provide detailed banking records (cash report) for the last 5 years.
• Provide detailed expense report for the last 5 years.
• Programs must exclusively benefit residents of APV. Must provide log of
• Organization must pay regular fees for the use of the APV facilities.
• Must provide Certificate of Insurance.
• If the organization has been active and registered for less than 5 years,
must request to meet with Master Board for consideration.
After the application is received, the APV Board of Directors will review
the submission and determine the amount appropriated annually for each
program. The maximum contribution is $1,500 per organization and
groups can only apply once per year. Funding for eligible applications is
not guaranteed.
As we have been for many years, APV is a proud supporter of our amazing
community groups and sports teams for all that they do to give back to our
residents and the community as a whole. Our Board, the administration
staff and FirstService Residential are continuously looking for new ways to
improve operations in our community. We believe that this new procedure
will help everyone to better understand how association funds are being
spent when it comes to usage of our facilities.
If any residents have questions about the use of funds or facilities, we
encourage you to contact us directly so that we can limit misinformation
about our association that is frequently being spread by certain groups and
individuals. Please contact
Usage of APV Facilities and Fields,
Plus How to Apply for Sponsorships
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