December 2018 Edition 1 - page 1

December 2018 Edition 1
Commissioner Arrington
Sheriff Judd
26th Annual Christmas
t the Association of Poinciana Villages, the Board
Members, administrative staff and your property
management team are continually looking for ways to
improve operations. It is our goal to make Poinciana
one of the best places to live in Central Florida, with
all of our residents proud to call Poinciana their
home. One of the ways we ensure the beauty and
enjoyment of our community is by making sure that
all of our residents follow the guidelines laid out in
the association’s declarations, rules and the Design
Control Board Criteria. These documents can be found
on the APV website,
In the past, violations were identified by Community
Service Department (CSD) representatives and multiple
violation letters were sent to the homeowners alerting
them of the issue. If after receipt of multiple letters, the
violation was still not corrected, it was then passed on
to the association’s attorney for action. This resulted in a
significant cost that was absorbed by ALL homeowners.
After careful review and discussion of how to improve
the procedure, a resolution was voted on and
approved by the APV Master Board of Directors at
the August 2018 Master Board Meeting to create a
Fining Committee. Now, violations are identified by CSD representatives
and multiple violation notices are sent to the homeowner. If after all letters
are sent out the violation is still not corrected, it goes to the Master Board
to recommend the homeowner be fined. The new Fining Committee,
which is made up of three homeowners, will hold a hearing and
can impose the fine. This hearing is the homeowner’s opportunity to
present evidence in their defense so the committee can review their
case. Homeowners that receive a fine from APV’s Board of Directors
will be provided with at least 14 days written notice in advance of
the hearing date.
During this hearing, after all of the evidence is presented, the Fining
Committee will approve or disapprove any proposed fine in its entirety.
The Committee may not modify or change the amount of the proposed
fine. If a majority of the Fining Committee disapproves of a proposed
fine then it may not be imposed. If approved, the cost of remedy is borne
exclusively BY THE VIOLATOR.
Announcing the Creation of the
New Fining Committee
“Prior to the creation of the Fining Committee, the homeowners who were in
violation of the rules had very few repercussions, and the financial burden
was put on the association and its members,” said Mark Maldonado, General
Manager. “That simply did not make sense and the process was not working.
Once the Master Board re-reviewed the procedure, the decision was made to
create the Fining Committee and ultimately have a better way to enforce fines.”
The Board of Directors may levy reasonable fines, not to exceed $100 per
violation, for each day of a continuing violation. The total amount of any
fine will not exceed $1,000.
After the fine is imposed, it is due. If the fine is not paid, it can be
converted into an assessment with Board approval and will be reflected
on the homeowner’s account. APV will notify anyone whose fine has been
approved that they have been fined, as well as the due date of the fine.
The Fining Committee is currently in place, saving the association
thousands of dollars in legal fees related to covenant enforcement.
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