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December 2017 Edition 2
Basketball Game
& Toy Drive
Sheriff Judd
Village Openings
Looking Back on
a Successful 2017
On that day, Florida Flight (the Orlando FBA Team) will be holding their 8th
Annual Florida Flight Toy Drive and Fan Fest from noon until 7:00 PM. At
4:00 PM there will be a basketball game between the Florida Flight team and
The Grinch team. The Grinch team will be made up of local radio celebrities,
former NBA players and other Central Florida celebrities. Ticket sales for this
game will be $10.00 for general seating and $15.00 for courtside seating,
and can be purchased at the door. In addition, 50% of all ticket sales will go
to the Puerto Rico Relief Fund. Toys collected will be donated to the Orlando
Children’s Home Society. Over 5000 toys have been donated as a result of
this event in the past 7 years, and the Association of Poinciana Villages is
proud to host this fantastic event for 2017.
In 2018, The Poinciana Pride will be playing 7 home games and 7 away
games, with league FBA teams from St. Pete, Space Coast, Bradenton and
Palm Beach to name just a few. The Association of Poinciana Villages is
very excited that the FBA has chosen our incredible community to showcase
a new FBA team. The home games will be played in the beautiful Mary
Jane Gymnasium. Please show your support by liking the Poinciana Pride
Facebook Page.
In 2017, The Association of Poinciana Villages was proud of many “firsts”
for the residents. The event that has given us the most pleasure is the yearlong
Poinciana Beautiful Project. Started in 2016, this program has brought
community together to show pride in their most important investment, their
homes, while competing for the title of Poinciana Beautiful Home of the
Year. In January of 2017 the 2016 winners were announce in an inaugural
Poinciana Beautiful Awards Gala Event like Poinciana had never seen before.
It is the Association’s obligation to improve not only the esthetics of Poinciana
but also to foster the lifestyles of residents. APV and your LifeStyles Team were
proud to introduce the following “firsts” for Poinciana:
In 2018, we plan on bringing many more firsts for the community.
Management is continually working on private and public partnerships to
assist in bringing Poinciana amazing new possibilities for the future. The
Association of Poinciana Villages Board of Directors, First Service Residential
and its staff would like to wish everyone a joyous and safe Holiday Season.
s usual, the end of another year has creeped up on us while The
Association of Poinciana Villages has been busy making Poinciana all that
it can be and more. The end of any year causes everyone to stop and look
back at what has happened in the past 12 months. When we do this, it allows
us take stock in what has been accomplished and what remains unfinished.
2017 has been a year of many successes for APV. It was also filled with many
learning experiences that will only help us in reaching our future goals.
In 2017, The Board of Directors formed a strong partnership with Osceola
County Commissioners that was rewarded with our beautiful Vance Harmon
Park. In January 2018, the residents of Poinciana will be invited to a
grand re-opening of this beautiful park to experience all of its grandeur--
from the new sporting fields and children’s playgrounds to the magnificent
amphitheater where our LifeStyles team can plan wonderful summer concerts,
local schools can put on a play or concert, and families and friends can come
and enjoy an outside movie under the stars.
In addition, 2017 included a partnership with the Florida Basketball
Association (FBA) that brought forth a semi-pro basketball team for Poinciana.
The FBA is a Florida-based professional basketball league providing a
development, branding and exposure platform for athletes, referees and
other individuals seeking to further their professional basketball career. The
Poinciana Pride will use a mixture of scouting, recruitment and local tryouts
to assemble their inaugural roster. Commissioner Greg Kite, a 2-time NBA
Champion who spent 5 seasons with the Orlando Magic, heralded Poinciana
as the ideal market for minor league basketball. “Minor league basketball
has always done well in communities like Poinciana,” said Kite. “There’s a
lot of pride in having a pro team to call your own. Economically, bringing in
other professional teams will definitely provide an additional financial boost
for the small businesses. From a community standpoint, giving the kids some
local professional athletes to look up to will have such a positive impact on
the future of the community. We anticipate this team being well received and
supported by the entire community.”
Residents of Poinciana will get a preview of FBA Basketball when the
Association of Poinciana Villages proudly host an exhibition game on
December 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM at the Mary Jane Arrington Gymnasium.
First annual Poinciana Beautiful Awards Gala
Adult Prom Night Dance
Luau at the Pool
Movie night Under the Stars
Casino Cruise Excursion
Comedy Night
Family Bingo Night
Family Game Night
Friday Night Adult Bingo
AARP Safe drivers course
Fight Night Viewing
Paint Nights
National Night Out
National Dance Party
Family Paint Night
Luau Night
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