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December 2018 Edition 2
Sheriff Grady Judd
Poinciana has a brand new
Is your home on of the best
in Poinciana?
any of you may be familiar with FirstService Residential or have heard
of their involvement in our community, but you may not know all that
the team contributes to our HOA. Since 2013, the Association of Poinciana
Villages has contracted FirstService Residential, one of the country’s
leading residential property management companies, to manage the daily
operations of our homeowners association, under the direct supervision of
the APV Board of Directors.
Among FirstService Residential’s many responsibilities, one of the top
priorities is to follow and implement the direction of the APV Board of
Directors. While major decisions about our community are voted on by
the Board, it is the responsibility of FirstService Residential, along with
APV General Manager Mark Maldonado, to oversee and carry out those
Additionally, FirstService Residential ensures that everyone in our
community is upholding the covenants of the association. The company
is also responsible for staf ng and payroll of the incredible team at the
APV Administrative Of ce, and they manage the APV Community Service
Using their depth of knowledge of HOA management,
FirstService Residential continually looks for ways to make
things easier and more ef cient for the homeowners
in Poinciana. Throughout this year, the company has
been working to connect residents to a new feature
that is designed and used for many of the properties
they manage. A special version of this program
had to be built for Poinciana due to our community’s
size, including the more than 27,000 account holders
that would be accessing this new portal. This online-
based homeowner portal allows APV homeowners to
access their nancial accounts, association information,
and other documents that are strictly for the members/
homeowners of APV. Homeowners can also use the
program to conveniently pay their assessments online
via the ClickPay service by using their credit or
debit cards or an e-check. In addition to all of this,
homeowners will also be able to view a special
Association of Poinciana Villages website which
has been created exclusively for homeowners in
On the nancial side of things, FirstService
Residential works diligently to balance the
budget of the association, including assistance with creating and presenting
the proposed budget each year. The company also collects the annual
homeowner assessments and looks for ways to generate non-assessment
income. One of the ways they have done this is by seeking better contracts
with vendors in order to save money for the association. Additionally, the
management company researches and secures state and federal grants to
improve Poinciana.
Within the rst ve years that FirstService Residential has managed
the Association of Poinciana Villages the team has successfully formed
partnerships with the Osceola County Commissioners, resulting in the nearly
$10.5 million renovation of Vance Harmon Park and the construction of
The Mary Jane Arrington Gym & Aquatic Center. They have implemented
and overseen the building of Poinciana’s highly-anticipated rst community
pool, renovations to the tness center and the building of a new community
center. FirstService Residential also introduced the LifeStyles program to
enhance our community with the planning and execution of exciting events
and activities that residents of all ages can participate in and enjoy.
FirstService Residential serves thousands of communities
across the United States and Canada, with the consistent
goal of working hard to help communities thrive. For more
information about the company or its responsibilities for
the Association of Poinciana Villages, please visit www.
Meet FirstService Residential: APV’s
Management Company
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